Jameela Jamil says her sex life is like The Hunger Games in ‘disastrous’ interview on The View

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Jameela Jamil compared her sex life to The Hunger Games during a recent interview on The View, which she jokingly claimed was a “disaster”.

Appearing on Wednesday’s (22 March) episode of the US chat show, the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star introduced her new podcast Bad Dates, in which she interviews celebrities, comedians and friends about their dating nightmares.

When asked if she had been on many disastrous dates herself, Jamil admitted that she had only been on a “few dates” in the past, revealing that she hadn’t kissed anyone until she was 21.

“Not for lack of trying, I was throwing it out there,” she quipped. “I am what you would call a serial erection killer.

“It was just never in the cards for me,” Jamil added, blaming it on her “personality”.

“I wait three months before I kiss or have sex with someone, so it’s like The Hunger Games trying to get into my pants,” the 37-year-old British actor joked in reference to the Jennifer Lawrence-led sci-fi dystopian film trilogy.

The Good Place actor is currently in a long-term relationship with musician James Blake, whom she began dating in 2015.

Co-host Sunny Hostin defended her decision, saying: “But there’s a book about that. You’re supposed to wait!”

“Oh no, I’m not even doing it in that way,” Jamil said. “I just don’t want to see your penis until I’m ready.”

Her response was met with uproarious laughter from the audience and the hosts. Elsewhere in the interview, Jamil was mortified after saying the F-word on the live show.

“I was way more dignified last time. Sorry, I don’t know what happened,” Jamil apologised.

Following her appearance, she posted an Instagram story teasing that the interview was “a disaster”, alongside several laughing emojis.

The actor and model recently called out stars exhibiting “extreme” weight loss at the Oscars and accused attendees of using “weight loss injections”.

She has previously condemned the trend of people using diabetes medication Ozempic, which is meant to improve blood sugar in those with type 2 diabetes, as a diet drug.