Jamie Otis reflects ahead of 10-year anniversary: 'People doubted our marriage would last'

The 'Married At First Sight' co-stars are set to celebrate a decade together this year.

Jamie Otis marks nearly 10 years of marriage with Doug Hehner since
Jamie Otis marks nearly 10 years of marriage with Doug Hehner since "Married At First Sight." (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for A+E Networks )

Jamie Otis is looking back at nearly 10 years of marriage.

The "Married At First Sight" star recently opened up about the upcoming 10-year anniversary of her marriage to Doug Hehner. Otis shared a reflective Instagram reel on Tuesday, featuring moments from their televised wedding and a glimpse of their life now.

The video, layered with on-screen text, began with a message: "I've second guessed my decisions — including marrying a complete stranger. People doubted our marriage would last." The clip then transitions to a recent moment of the couple kissing, as Otis proudly notes, "Look who's still married. It will be 10 years in March."

In the caption, Otis openly addressed the skepticism they've faced for their unconventional love story, writing,"I don't blame people for doubting our arranged marriage on the first season of 'Married At First Sight.'"

"Who legally marries a complete stranger?!" she continued, acknowledging her own doubts, "I wasn't sure it'd work out myself. Not my hubby though. He said he knew right from the first time he saw me on our wedding day that we were meant for each other."

Otis also shared her excitement about planning their 10-year vow renewal, despite the late start.

"I know most would have started a year ago but that's not how we roll around here," she wrote before inviting tips and suggestions, hinting at including their two children, Henley and Hendrix, in the ceremony.

Hehner responded to the post, affirming their journey: "We tuned out all of the doubters, and knew we were crazy for doing the experiment."

In the comments, fans shared supportive messages applauding the pair on how far they have come.

"Such an amazing milestone," an Instagram user penned.

"I was rooting for you guys from the start. So happy you guys are still happily married 10 years later," a fan added.

"Not only couple goals but major parent goals!," someone wrote.

"Such a great love story!" another commenter shared.

In November, Otis shared a candid reel opening up about her and Hehner's recent fertility struggles, admitting she started to question whether they're even "meant" to have more kids.

The "Bachelor" alum explained she and Hehner were able to try "harder than we have in a long time," as they "had the chances to" while they spent some child-free time at a hotel room. "We were at hotel rooms and able to just execute," she revealed.

"It's now been three years of trying for another baby," she penned. "I never thought I'd ever 'give up' on trying to grow our family, but lately I've been wondering if maybe we aren't meant to have more? I really feel in my heart we are. I've always thought that ... but am I wrong?

"Seeing negative after negative does something to you as a woman," she added. "So, onto another month of trying."

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