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Jamie Otis details extent of her husband's addiction, reveals he 'almost died'

The reality star admitted she might've asked for a divorce had she known at the start of their relationship.

Jamie Otis opens up about husband Doug Hehner's struggle with addiction, revealing he almost lost his life via Instagram/ @jamienotis
Jamie Otis opened up about husband Doug Hehner's struggle with addiction, revealing he almost lost his life (Instagram/@jamienotis)

Jamie Otis is opening up about her husband's battle with addiction.

On Tuesday, the "Married At First Sight" star shared a set of photos of herself and her husband Doug Hehner, during a recent recording of their podcast "Hot Marriage. Cool Parents."

Alongside the photos, the 37-year-old included a caption about Hehner's intense battle with addiction, revealing shocking details about the extent of his struggles.

"Doug's told me he 'lost his life and almost died' because of his addiction, but I had no idea the true extent of it until today," she shared.

Otis explained while recording the latest episode of their podcast, Hehner disclosed the horrifying near-death experience he had in the throes of drug addiction.

Otis recalled, "He told me he was unconscious and gurgling in his sleep."

Hehner's sister found him before his dad tried "slapping him trying to wake him up.

"When he 'came to,' there were paramedics and police officers," Otis detailed. "He said he remembers looking out the back of the ambulance windows seeing his parents watching him go."

The revelation left Otis stunned, realizing that after nearly a decade of marriage, she had only just learned the full scope of his addiction. She expressed heartache at the thought that Hehner had never felt safe enough to share his pain.

"It hurts my heart to think he never felt safe enough to open up and share," she penned before admitting that if she had known about his addiction at the start of their relationship, "I would've asked for a divorce."

Despite the difficult journey Otis and Hehner are facing, she asserted her belief in their deep connection, calling them "soulmates" and emphasizing that she plans to make time to focus on her family.

"No emails, no phone calls, no texts, no nothing for the next couple days so I can just love and nurture my husband and my children," Otis wrote.

In the comments, fans sent their well-wishes and thanked the pair for their vulnerability.

"This must have been very hard to share. Thank you both for your honesty!" an Instagram user commented.

"He is so strong and brave to tell his story," added another. "The bravery you both in sharing," a fan wrote.

In May, Otis shared a "heartbreaking" Mother's Day post, revealing "My mom was my best friend before she began using drugs," in its caption.

"She became more addicted to her habit and less interested in me," she wrote.

"I'm sick of wondering if my mom's dead. I just want to be able to know where she is and that she is at least safe," Otis continued. "My mom agreed and I feel like we are on the road to recovery for our relationship."

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