Jamie Otis pens heartfelt update about husband's addiction: 'He is no longer hiding'

The reality stars revealed their latest podcast episode felt like "emotional therapy."

Jamie Otis reveals how she learned about her husband's drug addiction and opens up about his recovery journey via Instagram/ @jamienotis
Jamie Otis reveals how she learned about her husband's drug addiction and opens up about his recovery journey via Instagram/ @jamienotis (Photo via Instagram/ @jamienotis)

Jamie Otis is opening up about her husband's recovery from drug addiction.

On Thursday, the "Married At First Sight" star shared a tearful Instagram Reel paired with a powerful caption where she detailed her husband Doug Hehner's decade-long secret struggle with addiction.

In the video, Otis explained that while recording the latest episode of their podcast, "Hot Marriage Cool Parents," the couple read a comment left by a fan who shared that her brother passed away due to drugs.

The note caused Hehner to feel like he could open up more about his own experience, turning their podcast session into "emotional therapy."

The 37-year-old began her caption by emphasizing that a perfect marriage comes from "two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other," before recalling how she first heard about Hehner's secret battle with addiction.

Otis revealed that she always suspected Hehner was "hiding something."

"I didn't know exactly what though," she admitted. "I remember a time during the holidays that I was with his family and they said, 'when Doug's ready to tell you, he will.'"

It hurt to know there was some sort of secret that no one wanted to tell me."

In hindsight, Otis said Hehner was only hiding his addiction from her because "he was ashamed, he felt guilty, he felt embarrassed and his family was protecting him."

After years of carrying the burden, Hehner finally found the courage to open up to Otis about his addiction. The transformative conversation brought them closer than ever before.

"It's taken us nearly a decade, but my husband told me everything. We sobbed together and I feel like we have grown more over one conversation than we have in all of our marriage," she penned.

"He is no longer hiding. He is free," the mom-of-two added.

Despite potentially being perceived as an over-sharer, Otis is proud to share her family's "ugly truths" in the hopes that "it helps even just one person know that we all have 'skeletons' in our closet."

She concluded by announcing that since unpacking all of this, Hehner seems "lighter [and] happier. Gosh, he is genuinely like a new person."

Fans met Otis' post with supportive messages.

"I’m glad he shared. Best wishes and prayers on his recovery!" one person wrote.

Another commented: "Love this post. He is so brave for sharing and it is helping others reading and listening to his story."

"Love to you both! This will only strengthen your marriage," someone weighed in.

"Love you for being so vulnerable," a fan wrote.

Earlier this month, Otis revealed shocking details about the extent of Hehner's struggles, including a near-death experience he had in the throes of drug addiction.

"He told me he was unconscious and gurgling in his sleep," she shared.

"When he 'came to,' there were paramedics and police officers," Otis detailed. "He said he remembers looking out the back of the ambulance windows seeing his parents watching him go."

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