Jamie Otis opens up about forgiving her mother: 'It took me having a baby girl'

The reality star reflected on her past animosity toward her mom, and how she's changed since.

Jamie Otis pens heartfelt tribute to mother on National Daughter's Day via Instagram/ @jamienotis
Jamie Otis penned a heartfelt tribute to her mother on National Daughter's Day. (Instagram/@jamienotis)

Jamie Otis is opening up about her relationship with her mom.

On Tuesday, the "Married At First Sight" alum took to Instagram to mark National Daughters Day (which was on Monday) with a set of photos.

In the first photo, Otis posed with her then-newborn daughter Henley, who is now six. In the second photo, Otis posed with her mother.

Alongside the snaps, Otis penned a lengthy and emotional caption opening up about her evolving relationship with her mother and the newfound appreciation she has for her since having a daughter of her own.

"It took me having my baby girl before I fully began appreciating all that my mom did for me and apparently yesterday was National Daughter's Day," the 38-year-old began.

Otis candidly reflected on her past animosity toward her mom, stemming from her mother's lifestyle choices and absences during her childhood.

"I was very bitter towards my mom for a long, long time. I couldn't understand why she made some of the choices she made in life," she admitted.

"She protected me and all of us kids from violence," the reality star penned, adding while her mother had many great qualities in her early childhood, things took a turn for the worse before they had a chance to improve.

"Once she chose her lifestyle and friends over me and my siblings I lost that sight of her as my hero," Otis wrote. "I was so hurt and I just couldn't understand why and how she could just up and leave us like that."

Eventually, Otis said she had a change of heart and began to see her mother in a new light. She acknowledged her mother's hardships, including being a single mom to five children and navigating "abusive relationships with very little support."

Now that I'm a mommy and I realize all that my mom endured in her life... No one's perfect. We all deserve forgiveness," she said.

She concluded: "I hope that one day my daughter will be as proud of me as I am of my mom today."

It took me having my baby girl before I fully began appreciating all that my mom did for me.Jamie Otis (via Instagram)

Fans met Otis's post with praise for finding the "capacity to forgive" and grow from her experience.

"Your capacity to forgive is admirable. Never change! You're an amazing mom," an Instagram user commented.

"Jamie, this is just beautiful. You're such an amazing person," another wrote.

One fan shared: "OMG! This was such a beautiful tribute to your mother — and the level of understanding — I'm just in awe of you."

"Thank you for sharing such tenderness so transparently. You might be the reason someone else chooses grace in their life," another commenter chimed in.

On Mother's Day this year, Otis shared another candid Instagram post about her and her mother's tumultuous relationship.

"Mother's Day is tough for me. My mom was my best friend before she began using drugs," she shared alongside a set of old photos with her mother. "She became more addicted to her habit and less interested in me."

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