Jamie Otis shares update on son's febrile seizures: 'Can't even tell you how relieved we are'

Jamie Otis is keeping her fans in the loop.

On Monday, the "Married at First Sight" alum shared an Instagram video of her two-year-old son, Hendrix, paired with a detailed caption about his febrile seizures.

The on-screen text explained that Hendrix "woke up with a fever of 103."

Febrile seizures are usually harmless and are triggered by abnormal brain activity caused by a fever, according to the University of British Columbia's Pediatric centre.

Otis explained that she "has PTSD" from his previous seizures, so when Hendrix produced a fever, she "didn't leave his side, just in case."

However, this time Hendrix was seizure-free.

"Hendrix got through another fever with no seizures," the mother-of-two captioned the post for her 850,000 followers. "I can't even tell you how relieved we are."

"...There's nothing scarier than watching your baby's eyes roll to the back of his head while his whole body twitches and convulsed," she explained.

Otis admitted that she was beginning to feel "crazy" when doctors insisted it was "normal" and that he would "grow out of it."

"I'm not sure when this boy will be able to have a fever again without me staring him down and piling every cold cloth I can find all over his body," she penned. "After sharing on here about them I realized that I'm not the only parent who is kinda clueless in this department!"

In the comments, fans shared their excitement over the positive update.

"This is such great news! I hope this is the start of him growing out of it. I can only imagine how scary it must be for you!...Your transparency is appreciated, as always!" an Instagram user commented.

"Glad he's feeling better!" another added.

Someone else shared: "So happy to hear!"

"That is great news," a fan wrote.

Last month, the reality star detailed how she arrived late for Hendrix's EEG test appointment to help treat his febrile seizures, admitting that she felt embarrassed and "like a bad mom."

"I owe you an update on Hendrix's EEG from today," she captioned the post. "I know you've been praying and thinking of him."

"I'm obviously incredibly embarrassed to admit I was late getting him to his appointment today," she continued. "I've never done the 'mom walk of shame' before but walking out of that doctor's office definitely felt just like that."

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