Janet Gretzky slammed for 'disrespectful' headdress photo


Janet Gretzky is the latest celebrity to come under fire for cultural appropriation.

Over the weekend, the 55-year-old wife of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky posted two Instagram photos that many are slamming for being “ignorant.”

The real girls of Gozzer!!! #emmaparisbryellehermes

A photo posted by @janetgretzky on Aug 4, 2016 at 6:12pm PDT

In the photos, taken at the Gretzky’s family ranch in Idaho, Gretzky’s daughter Emma, along with three friends, pose in traditional, Aboriginal-style headdresses.

Many commenters were quick to call out Gretzky’s posts for being disrespectful and inappropriate.

“This is so disrespectful and is not, and will not, ever be OK,” wrote nicolemtom. “Aboriginal headdress is given as a sign of respect or to a person of importance within the community, not to wear for a photoshoot. Especially with the matching paint to go with it. Native culture isn’t to play dress up with, it’s insulting and it’s just plain ignorant. To their community as a whole it’s a slap in the face, especially a community that has fought for so long to be treated with dignity. You might as well have put them all in black face.”

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“Honestly…this is just like painting your face black. So disgraceful,” added knottwright.

“This is horrible to see….Please educate yourselves,” said livpelletier. “This is not OK at all, it will never be OK.”

According to Global News, “many of the comments focus on the traditional bestowing of headdresses in native culture, which is an item earned (usually by men) in Plains cultures. It is very rare for women to receive a headdress, and to wear one without earning it is akin to claiming you have a Bachelor’s degree or military medal when you actually don’t.”

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But some were quick to defend the controversial photos.

“They look beautiful! What’s the difference if they had a Japanese kimono on. Lighten up people,” said lwillmsie.

“Wow some of you people are a little over sensitive,” wrote kwaltze. “It is a great picture and it is only a picture. All of you complaining are probably the same people that want everyone to get a participation medal and not earn anything on their own. Everyone needs to relax.”

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“They are costumes no different than Halloween. Beautiful photo. Beautiful girls. Stay blessed. No offense taken here. Love from a Metis in Canada,” commented missbabesintoyland.

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