January Jones opens up about the 'difficult' political climate: 'I'm scared'

January Jones is looking for the silver lining.

On Sunday, the "Mad Men" actress took to Instagram to share a powerful message explaining that oppression, political upheaval, violence, division and climate change have left her feeling "angry" and "scared."

"The last few years have been very difficult, for everyone," she wrote alongside a photo of herself in a green two-piece set. "It’s been very hard to not wake up every day feeling sad, angry, helpless, or numb. It’s the anxiety of now what? What obstacle or oppression am I waking up to today."

The star also admitted that while she's normally one to look on the bright side, recently she's been struggling to remain optimistic.

"I’m usually really good at finding the bright side of things or the silver lining or at the very least forcing myself to feel grateful and find something to look forward to. But not lately. I feel stuck," the mother-of-one continued. "I’ve found myself wondering if I should maybe move somewhere where it’s not so hard. But where? We can’t seem to escape disasters caused by climate change or political upheaval, violence, or division... Where is somewhere that feels safe?"

Jones concluded the post by assuring fans that they're not alone in feeling scared or angry amidst troubling times.

"This is just me telling whoever is listening that I’m scared too. I’m angry too. As a person and a mother. And I guess running away or hiding isn’t an option. For me at least. And as my heart sits here beating too fast for our futures I know at least, I’m not alone. And neither are you. We must all find a way to live in a place and time that feels safe and maybe even happy. We deserve that. What’s the plan?" she penned.

Fans commended the actress for using her platform to speak out about important issues.

"Beautifully said and exactly how so many of us feel," one person commented. "For someone with influence and is using it to spread their true feelings, I commend you."

"You indeed are not alone. Many are scared. Especially after yesterday. Some days I don't even recognize this world. But I suppose we all must simply press on as best we can. Just keep your chin up and continue to be the authentic person you are," another follower weighed in.

Another fan added: "Thank you for your honesty and sharing what many of us are feeling right now."

"I really needed to read this today. Thank you for the honesty," wrote another.

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