Jazz Jennings Says 'Every Body Is Beautiful' After Showing Off Weight Loss: 'Stop Judging'

“To distinguish one body as being ‘better’ is a societal construct of beauty standards,” the 23-year-old said

<p>Jazz Jennings/Instagram</p> Jazz Jennings and her brother Sander

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

Jazz Jennings and her brother Sander

After sharing pride over her recent weight loss, Jazz Jennings is stressing the importance of body positivity.

On June 15, the I Am Jazz star, 23, posted a video on Instagram alongside her brother Sander as they posed in their bathing suits, sending a message about how every body type should be accepted.

“Every body is beautiful ❤️” she wrote. “To look at someone’s body and say ‘this is not beautiful’ is a reflection of social conditioning. You weren’t born saying that some bodies are not attractive. You were taught it. We all were. To distinguish one body as being ‘better’ is a societal construct of beauty standards.”

“STOP JUDGING. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL,”  she continued. “Let’s always respect each other, our bodies, and the autonomy we have when it comes to how we care for ourselves.”

Jennings’ post comes days after sharing a health update with fans. Months after revealing that she's lost 70 lbs., the transgender activist reflected on how her weight loss journey has given her inner strength.

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Jennings said in a June 5 Instagram post that she was inspired to write about her weight loss journey after receiving a comment that read, "I hope you’re happy with yourself. Who cares what you weigh. Who cares what you look like. The important thing is are you happy in your own skin!"

"This is a comment I received that I feel hit the nail on the head," Jennings explained. "No matter my weight, I have always felt beautiful. However, losing this weight and prioritizing my health has created a shift within."

"The first step toward improving your well-being is caring. I finally care about myself after years of neglecting my health," she continued. "I had truly let myself go when it came to eating. I am so proud of my weight loss, and I feel my confidence radiates through."

Commenting on her outfit choice, she added, "This specific dress just made me feel like a goddess. I picked out a beautiful necklace and earrings to match the dress and felt so pretty."

Jennings ended her post by urging her followers to "take care of yourself and do things that make you happy and light."

"We can always strive to be better, and choosing to be the best version of yourself allows you to soar to heights higher than ever before. Joy. Cherish. Peace," her caption continued.

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