Jennifer Garner Is Being Flexible This Thanksgiving, Because Real Plans Don't Exist In 2020

Kelsey Hurwitz
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From Woman's Day

The year 2020 has made it difficult, if not impossible, to make and keep any kind of plan, be it financial, personal, work-related, or otherwise. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the looming recession, to the evolving civil rights movement and the contentious presidential election, everything has felt relentless, overwhelming, and nothing short of unpredictable. That's why for this year's Thanksgiving celebration, Jennifer Garner's plan is to, well, not make much of a plan at all.

The actress, who spoke to Woman's Day on behalf of Capital One Venture Card, which specializes in travel and flexibility, has been tinkering with her Thanksgiving celebration ideas, but doesn't have anything set in stone. "We've all had to change our plans, change the way we live, change what we're thinking about doing," Garner tells Woman's Day. "What I'm looking at doing is maybe renting a car with my kids and going on a little road trip over Thanksgiving, staying at a fancy Airbnb somewhere, and then leaving the car there and flying home."

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That all might sound a little nebulous considering the holiday is just around the corner, but like most people around the country, Garner's usual Thanksgiving plans have taken a bit of a hit. "Well, normally we start the day with the Turkey Trot, the little run in our town," she says. "But this year, I don't think that's happening." The cancellation of major Thanksgiving events such as parades, neighborhood gatherings, family visits, and local 5Ks has meant that families need to reimagine the holiday this year.

But luckily, there's one Thanksgiving tradition 2020 hasn't been able to put a damper on: the food. "Most important is the food," Garner says. "And now my kids are big enough to really participate, so we'll see. They will definitely be helping."

To find comfort in keeping the Thanksgiving tradition of a table of delicious food alive, try out some of these tasty Thanksgiving recipes. Whether you're a stickler for the mashed potatoes, or you're all about the cranberry sauce, you don't have to give up this delicious aspect of Thanksgiving — even if everything else is up in the air.

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