Jillian Harris reveals she's iron deficient — what are the symptoms?

Jillian Harris is no stranger to discussing her health concerns on social media. (Photo by Phillip Chin/WireImage)

Jillian Harris is putting her health first.

On Wednesday, the 42-year-old "Love It or List It Vancouver" host took to Instagram to share a video of her telling fans how she found out she was iron deficient.

In the clip, the mother-of-two cuddled up in her bed, made coffee and yawned while wearing a fuzzy robe and slippers.

"For the last three to six months, I’ve been so exhausted, and it seems like I can’t get enough sleep, I can’t get enough coffee and I’m dragging my feet all day," she said in the video's background audio, which explained some common symptoms of being low in iron.

In the caption, the entrepreneur further explained her symptoms and told her 1.3 million followers a plant-based solution she's trying in order to combat this deficiency.

"Did you know that iron deficiency impacts 1 in 4 women worldwide? And I think I am one of them! I’ve been experiencing low energy and have been unnecessarily tired all the time. ​It's also common to have weak hair, nails and difficulty concentrating," Harris wrote. The good news? If you are potentially iron deficient like me, there's an easy fix, Flora's Ferritin+! It's a revolutionary plant-based iron made from organic peas by one of Canada's most trusted, family-owned natural medicine companies, clinically proven to increase iron levels while easy on digestion."

The Peace River, Alta.-native's video was quickly flooded with encouraging comments from fans who have also experienced the deficiency.

"This is so good to know. I have always had an iron deficiency. I even have to get iron infusions sometimes. Thanks for the info!" wrote "The Bachelorette" star Ali Manno.

"Iron deficiency is a real bummer sometimes. But the beautiful thing is, the supplements tend to work pretty quickly from my experience!" shared another follower.

"Yes! Thanks so much! I'm just going through this as well, so appreciate the recommendation!" said someone else.

On her Instagram story, the Canadian personality revealed how her doctors determined her iron levels were low.

"I’ve noticed over the last few months that I’ve been lacking energy, distracted and irritable...who’s with me? I bet at least a few of you are. I went to the doctor and had my iron levels tested, and just explained everything that’s been going on and we thought that maybe this isn’t just the fact that I have added stress, that I’m a mom, that I’m an entrepreneur, that it’s gloomy in Kelowna, B.C. Maybe it’s not just those things, maybe it’s something else. So we had a bunch of tests done and my iron levels are suboptimal."

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