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  • Snag Jillian Harris's West Coast aesthetic with her newest Etsy collaboration

    The limited-edition collection combines Harris' "passion for the personal touch" with Canadian craftsmanship.

  • Jillian Harris shares a behind-the-scenes look at her birth -- and the infamous ‘mesh’ underwear

    (photo: Jillian Harris) If you follow Canadian reality star Jillian Harris, you’ll know that she was pregnant with her first child this summer. The interior designer and blogger has been sharing her personal experience since she first found out she was having a baby –and now we’ve got the birth story to go with it.  Born on Aug. 5, Leo Pasutto’s arrival wasn’t exactly the picture perfect experience Harris had imagined.  “For me, I feel like I envisioned a quiet night at home with just Justin and I … (and Nacho) just like in the movies, I would wake Justin up in the middle of the night with a gentle nudge ‘it’s time’ and off we would go down to the hospital.

  • Jillian Harris responds to being called out for drinking coffee while pregnant

    Second of all, I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped partying, I don’t do Botox anymore … I’m going to drink my damn coffee!” A photo posted by Jillian Harris (@jillian.harris) on Mar 16, 2016 at 10:37am PDT The two posts received nearly 200 comments, most advising the pregnant star that drinking so much coffee was endangering her baby.  “I’m not an idiot. I think I know what’s right and what’s wrong.”  ALSO SEE: This pregnant pole dancer isn’t letting her bump get in the way of feeling sexy While Health Canada does advise women to cut down coffee consumption during pregnancy, cutting it out entirely isn’t necessary.  “Health Canada recommends that women of reproductive age consume no more than 300mg of caffeine per day,” which works out to roughly one to two cups.  ALSO SEE: This woman’s getting stick for following a plant-based diet while pregnant: Is it such a big deal?