Canadian TV host Jillian Harris gets candid about motherhood struggles: 'There's a lot of days I beat myself up'

Harris shared she hopes to become a better mom every day.

TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 19: Jillian Harris speaks at Indigo Bay & Bloor on September 19, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images)
Jillian Harris shares candid message reflecting on struggles of motherhood. (Photo by Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images)

Jillian Harris is getting real about the struggles of motherhood.

On Saturday, the former "Bachelorette" star and Canadian TV host took to Instagram with a glimpse into her life as a mother, alongside candid outdoor photos with her two children, eight-year-old Leo George and six-year-old daughter Annie.

In the snaps, Harris accompanied her kids while they enjoyed snowboarding. The 44-year-old paired the photos with a heartfelt and honest caption about the daily challenges and triumphs of being a parent.

"I've got to be honest. There's a lot of days I beat myself up as a mom. I wish I was more patient," she began. "I wish I had the skills to deal with meltdowns. I wish I could 'play' with the kids more. I wish I could be more present."

"I'm always thinking tomorrow. I'm gonna be a better mom … tomorrow will be the day," she continued. " mean I know I'm a good mom but I'm always thinking I could do better."

She recounted her recent solo adventure with her children to the ski hill, a departure from the norm as her partner Justin usually handles the logistics. "I was freaking nervous about today," she admitted.

The day, however, unfolded a lot better than she anticipated. "The kids were absolutely phenomenal this morning... Got dressed on their own, jammed to music in the car the whole way. No whining, no complaining," Harris penned.

Harris confessed even though she was "set up" for a successful day thanks to her husband's help, she still feels accomplished, writing, "I feel like... I did a good job. It was simple. But it was good. I kept thinking, 'Something's gonna go wrong.' But it didn't.

"It is just those simple moments that make me want to cry because damn, it's hard sometimes," Harris added.

In the comments, fans applauded Harris for celebrating the "small wins" and assured her.

"Good for you for acknowledging the small wins. They count for a lot. You're a great mama, keep it up," an Instagram user wrote.

"How honest and relatable," another added. "Thank you for sharing."

"Definitely celebrate the wins!," someone else chimed in.

"If you're worried about if you're a good mom or not, it means you're a good mom," a fan commented.

Back in June 2022, Harris shared another candid message on Instagram, opening up about "mom exhaustion."

The "Love It or List It Vancouver" host shared a video of what she looks like running on just one hour of sleep, trying out a beauty filter. At the end of the clip, her son said something that made the sleep deprivation all worth it.

"Real-life wrinkles and mom exhaustion," she wrote in the video's on-screen text. "The ultimate confidence booster after realizing the Internet is not real whatsoever... Wait 'til the end."

"I love you, mom," her son can be heard saying in the background.

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