John Stamos's model wife had the perfect response to a troll who called her 'gross'

John Stamos’s model wife is firing back at an internet troll who called her “gross” for being a mom with a tattoo.

Earlier this week, 32-year-old Caitlin McHugh, who gave birth to a daughter earlier this year, posted a video on her Instagram story that showed her dancing in a bikini with the caption “Back to Work.” The video was too much for one follower — especially because of McHugh’s tattoo.

John Stamos’s model wife Caitlin McHugh shoots back at a troll who called her “gross” (Photo via Instagram)

“You’re a mother now. Gross, tattoo and all,” wrote the commenter.

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Model and mom-of-one Caitlin McHugh was sent a rude message from an internet troll (Photo via Instagram)

Instead of letting the troll slide by — she called them out in a direct message response, which she then shared with her followers.

“Not as gross as trolling,” she wrote.

Her followers were quick to jump to her defense.

This person is immature and jealous of you. You’re a beautiful woman and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you having a tattoo because you’re a mom. I got my belly pierced when I was 28 and I was a single mom at the time. I’m 48 with the same piercing and I’m grandmother to two grandkids. Don’t waste you’re time responding to ignorant people,” wrote one follower.

“I want to be ‘gross’ like her because she is a hot hot mama! And the beauty of her heart has no comparison. I have a huge tattoo of a dreamcatcher and after my first baby it looks like two,” joked another. 

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Earlier this year, McHugh’s husband John Stamos was also shamed for his parenting — specifically, for how he held his baby carrier.

But the family doesn’t seem to be letting the trolls get them down — McHugh recently announced that after a hiatus during her pregnancy and early months of motherhood, she’s back in the modelling game. Tattoo and all.

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