Jully Black says she feels 'fabulous' with 'big hair, short hair, all of it' in video

Jully Black loves the way she looks, whether it's with big hair or no hair. (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)
Jully Black loves the way she looks, whether it's with big hair or no hair. (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Jully Black is feeling her hair — no matter the style.

The 44-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a candid video of herself trying out a new wig.

In the clip, the "Seven Day Fool" singer showed off a long and voluminous brown curly hairdo as she explained her feelings.

"I'm in a wig-y mood, so I wanted to see if I would still like how I looked ... with big hair after cutting my hair," she said in the video. "I was like, 'oh, am I going to want to put on big hair?' I was like, 'you know what? I paid some good money for these awesome wigs, so I'm going to see if I like it.' And I still like it."

The Toronto-native took her wig off and flaunted the short bleached natural hair she typical wears.

"And I love myself like this, too," Black continued. "Yes, indeed. Big hair, short hair, all of it. I'm fabulous, yes I am. Yes I am. You see this face? You see this face? You see that face?" she said in the video, as she pointed to a framed photo of herself. "We fabulous."

"Mood!" Black captioned her post, along with several hashtags, including "#WhoCares" and "#EnjoyLife."

Fans were quick to comment on Black's post, with many noting her beauty and appreciating her authentic energy.

"I just love you. So real with it," a fan wrote.

"Yaaasss... Fabulous either way," another added alongside red, yellow and green heart emojis.

"Say it louder for the people in the back," someone chimed in.

"D— right! Fabulous indeed!" raved someone else.

"I see 'this face' and I feel your big energy regardless of hairstyle or length!" a follower replied.

"No lies told! This why we love you, queen. Go 'head with your bad self," another person penned.

Often called "Canada's Queen of R&B," Black released her latest album in September after taking a hiatus from music for several years.

"I am excited to announce that this Friday, Sept. 23 I am releasing my long-awaited, highly anticipated full-length album, 'Three Rocks and a Slingshot,'" she began in her announcement post.

"My new album is a peek into my diary; It's an album of trials and triumphs. It is a confessional, an awakening, a shedding, a revealing, a rebirth and a self-compassionate and empathetic journey. It is my shortest and most vulnerable and, yet, also my utmost straight-to-the-point album."

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