Justin Timberlake is being dad shamed over the length of his son’s hair

A recent image posted to Instagram by Justin Timberlake proves it’s not just moms being publicly shamed on social media. While it’s no surprise the internet has a never-ending supply of critics, trolls are now calling out the musician for the length of his son’s hair. 

Silas Timberlake and Jessica Biel. (Photo via Instagram/justintimberlake)

In the photo, three-year-old Silas is pictured sharing a kiss with his mom, actress Jessica Biel, in a garden in Paris. The image captures lush greens and a sweet moment between mother and child — but trolls couldn’t scroll on without commenting on the fact that Silas has long hair.

“Boy or girl? Maybe you want to think about it a bit. Pretty hair though!” commented one follower.

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“I had to do a double take – I was like, ‘wait, don’t they have a boy?!’” added another.

However, many commenters came to the 37-year-old dad’s defense.

“They’re just jealous because they don’t have curls like that. I say ‘if you got it, flaunt it.’ You go Silas. These people wish they had hair like him,” wrote one fan.

“Our son is 10, almost 11, his name is Silas and he has gorgeous blonde ringlet curls past his shoulders. Two years ago he grew it out specifically to donate to children with cancer. At eight years old… what eight-year-old comes up with that? An old soul with compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence. Your Silas is beautiful. Thank you for celebrating your child’s individuality, creativity and uniqueness. He will grow to be a mature, natural leader, not a follower,” added another.

Photos of Silas on Timberlake’s Instagram account are few and far between — and for good reason. Both Timberlake and Biel have committed to sharing limited images of their family of three in an attempt to shield their son from this exact type of criticism and shaming.

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While being offended at the length of a boy’s hair seems outdated, internet trolls have always been quick to criticize parents online, regardless of their celebrity or parenting status.

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