Kamala Harris' Great-Nieces, Amara and Leela Ajagu, Wore Matching Coats to Honor Her at the Inauguration

Roxanne Adamiyatt
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Photo credit: Instagram/Meena Harris
Photo credit: Instagram/Meena Harris

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Author, lawyer, and activist Meena Harris (Vice President Harris' niece) famously dresses her adorable daughters in matching outfits for appearances in public and on social media, but for today's inauguration at the Capitol, not only were little Amara and Leela Ajagu wearing coordinated outfits, but their fur toppers were a subtle nod to their great aunt.

The mom of two and founder of Phenomenal posted a sweet shot of her two daughters following the swearing in of Vice President Harris, bundled in faux fur animal print coats that were chosen because of their similarity to one their great-aunt wore in a throwback picture. Also in play: combat boots, this time black, a signature look for the darling duo.

Amara and Leela were also dressed in matching outfits for yesterday's service honoring those lost to the Coronavirus Pandemic; ensembles that featured both the white combat boots that they wore the night that Biden and Harris's election win was announced, and crisp white puffer coats.

Back in November, Meena instagrammed a picture of her daughters wearing adorable tartan and ruffled overalls—with their signature combat boots no less—joking that while cute, matching uniforms help her keep track of her children.

As Vice President Harris has her signature pearls and converse (and occasional Timberland boots, too), Amara and Leela have their matchy-matchy outfits and combat boots as their calling cards. Certainly, this fuzzy tribute to their Auntie, who makes history as the first woman to be Vice President of the United States, is a touching sartorial detail for such a momentous occasion.

And, yes, to answer Meena's playful query: if there was an award for getting your entirely family dressed and out of the house under very stressful circumstances, surely Amara and Leela's look today is proof that Meena should be declared the winner.

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