Kate Hudson shows off her dance workout

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Actress Kate Hudson, 42, danced joyfully during a workout at her home gym, and plans to do it more often in 2022. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)
Actress Kate Hudson, 42, danced joyfully during a workout at her home gym, and plans to do it more often in 2022. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Kate Hudson is vowing to dance it out in 2022.

The actress, 42, took to Instagram over the weekend to share part of her wellness regimen, which includes dance workouts in her home gym. Dressed in black yoga pants and a matching black bra top with her hair tied up in a top knot, Hudson showed off her dance skills as she moved delicately to "All Through the Night" by Sleeping At Last, a cover of the classic Cyndi Lauper song.

"Ahhh… Been a long while. I think 2022 I meet up with my dancing heart again," Hudson captioned the post, along with the hashtag #DanceLover."

Hudson's day of dance didn't stop there. She posted a series of photos of herself mid-movement, arching her back on the floor, stretching it out in pigeon pose and even shaking it in a pair of Nike sneakers.

"It’s a dance Saturday for me," Hudson captioned the post, which showed off her stylish home gym.

As the founder of Fabletics, an activewear company, and a spokesperson for WW, Hudson is a frequent advocate for staying healthy.

"Fitness, for me, is my number one. I grew up dancing and moving. If I’m not active, if I’m not moving, I don’t feel good at all. I literally came home from my dinner last night, and I hadn’t really moved, so I just did some weird dance moves in the bathroom," she told Yahoo Life back in November. "I needed to get my energy flowing and things moving."

But it's not just about crafting a certain type of body. Hudson said her mental health is also closely tied to what she's doing with her body.

"To me, my mental health and stability can be very tied to how active I have been. It truly changes my brain. When I’m done working out, I just feel a thousand times better," she shared in the same interview.

However, Hudson didn't find it as easy to reach her fitness goals after welcoming her third child, daughter Rani Rose, in October 2018. In fact, she found herself a bit stuck.

"My body always snapped back pretty fast after babies. Food is 80 percent of the process always BUT I realized she wasn't powering the way I like!" Hudson said in an Instagram Story on last summer, People reported. "I was quite athletic when I was younger and she hasn't been responding to my usual."

To reach her goals, Hudson brought in a high-intensity trainer, Brian Nguyen, to change things up.

"I called on a master to wake her ass up! And that's exactly what he's doing," Hudson shared. "And it's HARD. And it's every day. I'm basically 'in season' and I love it. Don't know why I waited so long to push her this hard! Let's see what she (my body) can do at 42."

Now that Rani Rose is 3, the little one can often be spotted alongside her mama while Hudson gets her sweat on at the gym. Back in December, Hudson posted a cute video of herself doing squats with a kettlebell in hand, while Rani stood alongside holding a small pink weight and announcing "I did it!"

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