Kate Hudson slammed over 'lazy' C-section remark

“I used to think you were amazing, Kate Hudson,” one mom commented. “Many of us had no choice for a C-section — we should all be supportive of one another rather than use words that shame.” (Photo: Instagram/Twitter)

Kate Hudson is facing backlash after saying that having a cesarean section was the “laziest” thing she’s ever done.

The question came up during a recent interview with Cosmopolitan — the 38-year-old beauty graces the October cover in a form-fitting rainbow body suit and dishes on such things as her health routine and the happiest day of her life.

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The Cosmo question posed was: “The laziest thing I’ve ever done.” Hudson wrote: “Have a C-section!”

Hudson, who is mom to 13-year-old Ryder and 6-year-old Bingham, shared the cover on Instagram, but many took to social media solely to criticize her C-section comment, calling it insensitive and in poor form.

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“I used to love Kate Hudson, but I lost all respect for her,” wrote one Twitter user. “I have had two C-sections out of necessity, so not lazy, took months to recover.”

“I know this was your experience, but some women have no choice but to have a C-section to save their babies,” one Instagram user admonished. While another commented: “Kate Hudson, a C-section is not lazy when it’s the only way to ensure you don’t bleed out and die due to placenta previa … or perhaps have other complications. Writing such a thing is abhorrent and shames fellow C-section moms!”

Another mom suggested Hudson should have known she’d get “hate” for her answer: “I’ve had three C-sections and it’s by far not the ‘laziest thing I’ve ever done.’ It’s nice to know what you think of the majority of women who give birth that way.”

“I thought of you as a brilliant trailblazer and now I’m just without words that you used your platform to announce your C-section was ‘lazy,’ another follower commented. “I’m sad for you on your viewpoint on this issue and hopefully you can see how insensitive that was.”

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Others pushed to Kate apologize for her comments.

“I used to think you were amazing, Kate Hudson. We should all be supportive of one another rather than use words that shame,” one mom commented. “Many of us had no choice for a C-section—and having a C-section is by far NOT the laziest thing. Having to rise out of a hospital bed 24 hours after a C-section and trying to walk a fair distance to the Intensive Care unit to breastfeed my newborn was horrendously painful and needed strength that I never even knew I had…that raw woman mama strength… you should take much more care with your words, I’m beyond disappointed.”

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