Kristin Cavallari slammed for calling herself a 'single parent'

Kristin Cavallari is being criticized for labelling herself a “single parent” while her NFL-star husband, Jay Cutler, plays football out of state. <em>(Photo: Instagram) </em>
Kristin Cavallari is being criticized for labelling herself a “single parent” while her NFL-star husband, Jay Cutler, plays football out of state. (Photo: Instagram)

Kristin Cavallari is being heavily criticized for labelling herself a “single parent” while her husband, Jay Cutler, plays football out of state.

Cutler is preparing for his 12th season with the NFL and recently signed a one-year, $10 million deal with the Miami Dolphins. Although Cavallari couldn’t be happier for him, she got real about how she’ll deal with her man spending more time away from their Tennessee home and their three children: Camden, 5, Jaxon, 3 and Saylor, 1.

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My view for today's shoot #TrueRoots #TheFam ❤️

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“I’m a single parent for the next five months!” The former “Laguna Beach” star told Entertainment Tonight host Katie Krause in a Facebook Live interview. “You know, chaotic in the best way. My kids are great. They’re good kids, for the most part.”

Cavallari continued that being a “single parent” hasn’t been as hard as she thought it was going to be since she gets help from loved ones.

“I have an amazing nanny, I mean I just do. My mother-in-law is there with my kids right now, so I couldn’t do it without them.”

When asked if she’s moving to Miami with her hubby, Cavallari says she and the children will stay put in Nashville since they just moved their full-time a few months ago — although they’ll be sure to trek to Miami for all of Cutler’s home games.

“Both my boys are in school, it doesn’t make sense to pack up the family just for five months.”

“Sorry Jay, we’ll see you when we see you,” she joked. “Once we’re down there — we’ll be back and forth a lot — they’re going to be very excited.”

Despite the time apart, the couple’s marriage is based on a strong foundation. “I trust him. I never once have to worry about him and same for me,” Cavallari gushed. “I want him to take these five months and go out there and kill it.”

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And he's off…but this time as a dolphin so excited for my man on this next journey #MiamiDolphins : Cam Cutler

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It was meant to be a fun, quirky interview, but many were quick to slam Cavallari for associating herself with “real” single moms — single parents who can’t afford expensive homes, cars, nannies or a fancy lifestyle.

“You can’t call yourself a single mom whilst still married and expect your husband back home in five months,” Krystin commented on the ET Facebook post. “You’re not a single mom. You’re not even doing it alone! Every working class average American single mother I know can barely afford daycare let alone nannies! Your husband is away on work. Not a single mom. End of story.”

“What single mom has a NANNY??!!” Christine questioned. “Not us full-time hard working REAL single MOMS!! Plus the struggle is real with the ex-husband, and FYI folks, I make more than him, so even though we share custody, the kids want to be with me and he doesn’t have to pay me a penny!! ha! so NO! I DO NOT FEEL FOR HER POOR SINGLE PARENT PLIGHT! Cry me a freaking river!”

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Although some believe that any negative remarks against the successful reality star-turned-entrepreneur stem from envy.

“I watched the interview and as a single parent myself, I didn’t take offence to her comments at all. As a reasonable and rational thinker, I can clearly say in confidence, that she wasn’t trying to reveal herself as being a “single parent” as to which most us would define as a SINGLE PARENT,” Lesley commented. “She made a blanket statement that without her husband, the other PARENT, makes her feel like the single parent in her household, period! I feel that a lot of these remarks stem from a little bit of jealousy because she may be in a more fortunate position than us, that affords her the option to have a nanny.”

Lindsey agreed: “Cut her some slack. She was joking. She has 3 kids under 6… that’s hard regardless of what your husband is doing or if you’re single. I don’t think she meant to take any credit away from actual single parents. Sincerely, an actual single mom.”

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