'The more emails you send me about hating my lipstick...': CBC reporter hits back at critics in viral tweet

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A Canadian reporter is receiving praise for expertly shutting down critics on social media.

Katie Simpson, a foreign correspondent for the CBC, has dedicated her career to political journalism. Now based in Washington, D.C., Simpson is no stranger to navigating the minefield that comes with being a politics reporter. But unfortunately, like most women in media, Simpson often finds her appearance the topic of conversation amongst viewers.

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Earlier this week, Simpson took to Twitter to address comments from viewers focused — particularly ones not on her reporting, but on her makeup, particularly her lipstick.

“The more email you send me about hating my lipstick - the bolder it’s going to get,” Simpson wrote to her more than 68,000 followers.

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The tweet received more than 16,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments from followers, who applauded Simpson for standing strong.

“Please wear it boldly and proudly!” one follower wrote. “And let’s please stop telling women what they should or shouldn’t wear!”

“I love bold lipstick, Katie,” wrote beauty editor David Lackie, “and my #1 beauty rule is wear what you love!”

Simpson’s tweet prompted many female journalists and on-air personalities to share their stories of being body shamed and criticized for how they appear on-screen.

“I got an email once that said my lips were too big to wear bright lipstick. It went on to suggest a bunch of neutral shades I should try,” wrote reporter Leila Beaudoin. “The next day I wore fuchsia.”

“I once hosted a two shows, one on HGTV the other Food Network. Both executive producers were told by the network which owned both that my lips looked like c**ksucker lips by focus group,” recalled Meredith Heron. “Food Network show told me to go bolder!”

The thread of comments also featured comments from Simpson’s male colleagues, who confirmed the double standard that exists for women on-screen.

“I'd live to hear from @ianhanomansing and @AndrewChangCBC if they get emails about their appearance or if this is more BS directed at brilliant women,” one woman wrote.

“It's predominantly BS directed at women,” Chang replied. “I get emails and tweets, but no comparison by volume or nastiness.”

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