Kelsey McEwen shares emotional moment with daughter Charlotte, 2, in ER: 'We feel so helpless'

The Canadian TV host hopes her process helps other parents who go through the same worries.

Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen shared a heartfelt message about feeling
Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen shared a heartfelt message about feeling "helpless" as a parent amid an ER visit to with her two-year-old daughter, Charlotte. (Photo via Instagram/@kelseymcewen)

Kelsey McEwen is getting candid about feeling "helpless" sometimes as a parent.

On Wednesday, the Canadian meteorologist shared an Instagram Reel of herself sharing a tender moment with her two-year-old daughter, Charlotte, in the hospital. In the clip, McEwen held her daughter in a hospital chair and gently sang the national anthem in attempt to sooth her.

She paired the video with a heartfelt caption addressing the helplessness parents often feel when their children get ill.

"We feel so helpless when our loved ones get sick," the mom-of-three wrote. "Ever since the start of 2020, I feel like there's an enhanced worry of illness, especially when it comes to respiratory. I know I'm not alone in this."

In the ER due to Charlotte's breathing issues, McEwen said she did what she could to comfort her child despite being riddled with stress herself.

"I felt that fear bubble up, despite excellent care and attention from the hospital staff. So, I did the only thing I knew I could control," she said.

"I snuggled our girl, and I sang her current fav' song over and over until we got the all clear to go home."

Thankfully, Charlotte is on the mend, McEwen explained: "I'm so thankful we are OK, that she is well enough to sleep in her own bed. There's still a ways to go, but she is slowly getting better."

The CTV "Your Morning" host concluded her message, reminding her followers of the importance of focusing on what can be controlled in moments of crisis.

"I'm sharing because maybe, if this process helps me, it'll help you too. If you feel that rising worry, acknowledge it, and then focus instead on what you can do," she penned. "The good you can bring — even if it's just a snuggle and a song, it's worth noting."

In the comments, fans shared their support and well-wishes, and thanked McEwen for the helpful advice.

"Thank goodness she is OK," one Instagram user shared. "It's never easy, regardless of how old they are."

"Wishing your precious Charlotte a speedy healthy recovery. Stay strong, mama," someone else chimed in.

"Love how fantastic a mom you are, not just in this post but everyday! Get better real soon, Charlotte," wrote another.

"Thanks for sharing and I know this feeling as a parent, too. You are right, we are not alone in thinking this," a fan added.

Last month, McEwen shared another candid Instagram Reel giving her followers a glimpse into her life as a mother.

In the video, she can be seen practicing positive self-talk with Charlotte in January 2023 and again in January 2024, documenting her progress.

"The difference a year makes," the TV personality penned in the on-screen text.

McEwen went on to detail the importance of speaking positively about oneself in the caption, writing, "If we speak it, we believe it."

"Daily affirmations make a big difference in my life," McEwen added. "But in my kids? The effect is tenfold. I can immediately see how saying out loud things like, 'I am loved, I love myself, I won't give up,' changes their entire view of the task ahead and how much grace they grant themselves."

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