Khloé Kardashian Braves the Snow Wearing Basically Nothing

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian would like in on the mob-wife trend. (Or as she calls it, the “faux mob wife” trend.) For Khlo, this involves a teeny, tiny bikini, lots of faux fur, and snow. Don’t get hypothermia, girl!

“It’s giving mob wife vibes…. Faux mob wife of course,” Kardashian captioned a carousel of pics posted to Instagram on January 24. In the photos Kardashian poses outdoors in front of some snow-covered boulders, wearing nothing but a Gucci string bikini, a faux fur coat around her elbows, and an enormous faux fur bucket hat. She is at least wearing snow boots, as you can see in one of the photos from the carousel.

Kardashian has a full beat as usual in these pics, with a heavy smoky eye and slightly over-lined lips. Her hair, currently blonde and straight, falls in long layers around her face.

I don’t know when bikinis in the snow became a thing, but somehow they did. Two years ago Kardashian's own sister Kendall Jenner gifted the world with an iconic snow-bikini look, wearing just a black two-piece and furry knee-high boots at what appears to be the North Pole. And on January 19, Julia Fox experimented with a (slightly) more practical take on the look, layering a white bikini over a black body sock, with a white fur coat on top.

And if those two can risk frostbite for a cool winter photo, Khloé Kardashian can too.

Originally Appeared on Glamour