Kim Kardashian slammed for Photoshop -- yet again

Fans and trolls alike are accusing selfie queen Kim Kardashian of excessive Photoshop use after the star shared a bathroom snap to Instagram that seemed…a bit off.

Image via Instagram/Kim Kardashian

The photo from the set of a recent Calvin Klein shoot raised questions when Instagram users noticed the doorframe behind Kardashian’s thigh appeared warped.


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Eagle-eyed followers took to the comments pointing out the slip-up — urging the reality star to back-off the edits.


Twitter users also chimed in…

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Kardashian hasn’t responded to the accusations yet, but she recently addressed claims that she’d doctored another picture — blaming a fan edit for the car that appeared squished behind her.


“This is actually really funny to me!” She wrote in a blog post dedicated to the fail.

“Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL.”

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