Kylie Jenner surprises super-fan with a $2000 birthday present

Being Kylie Jenner’s biggest fan has it’s perks.

Kylie Jenner

The reality-TV star and founder of Kylie Cosmetics surprised a super-fan with an expensive gift for his 21st birthday.

Johnny Cyrus, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has gained an incredible following on social media for being a Kylie Jenner super-fan.

Johnny Cyrus and Kylie Jenner. Image via Instagram

Cyrus recently flew to San Francisco for Jenner’s recent Kylie Cosmetics pop-up, where Jenner had a  special surprise waiting for him – a $2,000 US Louis Vuitton backpack.

With over 143,000 followers on Instagram, Cyrus proudly shows of his Kylie memorabilia and merchandise.

Johnny Cyrus and his gift from Kylie Jenner. Image via Instagram.

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In 2017, he was featured in a YouTube documentary by filmmaker Nick Coles where he shows off his eight tattoos dedicated to the star, including her eye shadow logo and swatches from her Kylie Lip Kits.

In the film, Cyrus shares that he and Jenner have developed a friendship and communicate regularly.

In 2017, Cyrus revealed to the Daily Mail that he had eight Jenner inspired tattoos. Image via Instagram.

The happy fan shared pictures of the gift on Instagram along with photos of him and his pal, Kylie.

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