Lady Gaga reacts to Chappell Roan’s powerful cover of ‘Bad Romance’

Lady Gaga and Chappell Roan composite
Lady Gaga and Chappell Roan (Images: Wikimedia Commons/Ninouche1981/Atlantic Island Amusement)

Lady Gaga has given her seal of approval to rapidly rising star Chappell Roan and her cover of The Fame Monster-era blockbuster hit ‘Bad Romance’.

Gaga, 38, made her feelings clear in a comment on a video of the performance, which ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ singer Chappell gave earlier this year in Cincinnati.

The comment follows Chappell recently taking to TikTok to say other pop stars have reached out to offer her support since her rise to fame.

“I love Chappell” – Lady Gaga

In a comment circulating on X/Twitter this week, ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ singer Gaga offers a word word response to the powerful ‘Bad Romance’ rendition (“beautiful”), along with a black heart emoji and a rose emoji.

According to Glamour magazine, Gaga has also commented on social media about the 26-year-old: “I love Chappell.”

“To have like, people I look up to reach out and offer like a friend or help, I don’t know, it’s just sick and it makes me believe in like the world,” Chappell recently told fans in a video message [below], without naming names.

She elsewhere said: “I’m reflecting on my life and the past couple of weeks have been like cuckoo. But what’s so reassuring and so f*cking sick is like, the pop girls that you and I have loved our whole lives or like, I’ve been f*cking stans the past two or three years, like a lot of them have reached out and are like, so supportive and girl’s girls.

“It’s so sick to know that the girls have really — they’re really supporting each other in the pop industry.”

Gaga will this year be seen in Joker: Folie à Deux, out 3 October 2024, and recently teased her seventh studio album. Chappell’s debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess dropped last year and is now climbing charts worldwide.

Lady Gaga image: Images: Wikimedia Commons/Ninouche1981

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