Laura Ingraham's Guest Mocks Her On Live TV For Losing Advertisers

Fox News hostLaura Ingrahamcut off a guest who taunted her about theboycottthat prompted some two dozen advertisers to ditch “The Ingraham Angle.” 

“Where’s your sponsors? David Hogg got rid of half of them,” said Enrique Morones, an immigration advocate and the founder of Border Angels. “A high school kid shut you down!”

The Fox News host appeared to reach her limit with Morones before he even made the crack, saying he was being dismissive of fellow guest John Cox, aRepublican candidate for governorin California, during a debate over immigration. 

“You’ve been so incredibly rude and nasty since almost the first second of this appearance,” she said, according to footage posted online by Media Matters. 

Moments later, Morones vanished from the screen. 

Ingraham has been losing sponsors since last month, when she mocked Hogg, one of the teen survivors of theParkland, Florida mass shooting

Hogg called for a boycott of Ingraham sponsors after she accused him of “whining” for not getting into some of the colleges he had applied for. One of those sponsors,Ace Hardware, later returned to the show. Another sponsor, My Pillow, actually increased its advertising

Despite the loss of advertisers, Ingraham’s program has seen some of its highest-ever ratings since the controversy.


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