Lauren Ash celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving in California: 'Belleville beauty!'

Canadian actress Lauren Ash attends the premiere of Prime Video's
Lauren Ash celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in California. (Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Lauren Ash is embracing her Canadian roots.

On Monday, the "Superstore" actress took to Instagram to share a series of photos of her celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving from her home in Los Angeles, Calif.

In the first snap, the Belleville, Ont.-native posed in her dining room in a ruched red dress while holding a glass of wine. Ash smiled as she showed off her elaborate holiday meal — complete with decorative pumpkins and floral arrangements.

"Oh, I’ll just throw together a small Canadian Thanksgiving. Haha, right. (Florals by me)," she captioned the post for her 291,000 followers.

Fans loved the 39-year-old's festive photos and praised her for celebrating Canadian holidays despite her American location.

"Staying true to those maple roots. Love to see it. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you beautiful!" a fan commented, while another shared, "Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I still celebrate it, despite living in the United States for almost 20 years."

"Happy Canadian Thanksgiving AKA the real Thanksgiving! haha," someone joked. "This looks amazing. Great job!"

A follower wrote: "Absolutely love your centrepiece! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Lauren!"

"Happy Thanksgiving, you Belleville beauty!" another commented. "I love that you're still celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving from afar. So cute."

Earlier this year, Ash celebrated Canada Day as a "Californian."

In a series of poolside photos, the actress posed in a black tank top while holding her dog at her Los Angeles home.

"Day before Canada Day and I’ve reached peak Californian," she wrote alongside the post.

"Meh, sorry but once a Canadian always a Canadian, girl! Maple syrup runs in your veins," a fan penned.

"You’ll always be Canadian! We’re all born with a maple leaf birthmark hidden somewhere on our bodies," someone else quipped.

"Just throw an 'eh' at the end of a sentence and you'll be Canadian-ized again!" another commented.

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