Lauren Ash channels 'Tinker Bell' for 'The Lord of the Rings' premiere: 'Stunning!'

Canadian actress Lauren Ash stunned wearing a mint green fairy-esque dress on the red carpet for hte premiere of
Canadian actress Lauren Ash stunned wearing a mint green fairy-esque dress on the red carpet for hte premiere of "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power." (Photo by Michael Tran / AFP via Getty Images)

Lauren Ash channeled a beloved fairy on the red carpet — and fans are loving it.

On Tuesday, the "Superstore" actress took to Instagram to share two separate photos posing in a mint green dress from BCBG Max Azria at the premiere of Amazon's highly-anticipated show "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" — a prequel to both "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" series.

Ash revealed in her first post that she was "flattered" to have been compared to the famous "Peter Pan" character, Tinker Bell, thanks to her green dress and blonde up-do.

"Last night, someone told me I looked like Tinker Bell in this outfit and I’ve honestly never been more flattered," she penned alongside a photo taken from her home ahead of the premiere.

The 39-year-old subsequently shared another photo of her fairy-esque look taken on the red carpet, with the caption, "So excited to get to attend the premiere of @lotronprime last night!"

"The show is incredible and I can’t wait to see what happens next!" she added. "Also, happy that Caleb Greenwood was willing to pause our ongoing social media feud for one night to come with me."

Fans met the Canadian actress's photos with praise for her stunning red carpet look and doubled down on her unintentional likeness to the character popularized by Disney.

"Tinker Bell but make it fashion," one Instagram user chimed in, while another added, "OK, this is my favourite look of yours! Hair is perfect. Dress, style and colour — chef’s kiss!"

"Yes! I love the fairy energy. It's ironically the perfect look for the premiere of a fantasy series!" one person pointed out.

"Definitely fairy vibes," another commented.

One fan wrote, "This colour suits you so well!"

"Stunning! It's giving me Tinker Bell and Twiggy in the best way," added another.

Someone else quipped: "More like Tinkerbomb! This might be one of my faves."

While Ash has garnered a ton of applause for her latest look, in May, the 39-year-old had to fire back at criticism claiming she is "no longer a role model" because of her recent weight loss.

"You know what's fun? When you're living in a larger body, people post that they're concerned for your health. Then, when you transition into a smaller body, people post that they're concerned for your health. Starting to feel like there's no winning as a woman," she penned alongside a photo of herself in a cropped, white tank top, black leather shorts and black high heels.

"To the people who have DMed me this week telling me I'm no longer a role model because I lost weight, I guess my question is, why was my body the only thing that gave me value as a role model?" she asked. "I've never once promoted weight loss, nor would I ever. I just happen to be in a body that's smaller right now than it was a year ago. And, God willing, if I'm privileged enough to walk this earth for a long life, my body will expand and contract and change many times over."

Ash explained that there is no "secret" to her significant weight loss.

"To the countless people asking me my 'secret,' please stop. There is no secret," she wrote. "I removed stress from my life. That's it. It's amazing what our bodies hold onto when in a prolonged state of stress."

The "Superstore" star attended the highly-anticipated Amazon series's red carpet in Los Angeles on Aug. 15. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

She concluded by sharing that she is "confident and happier" in her body since her weight loss, and pointed out that a man wouldn't no longer be considered a role model for losing weight, so neither should she.

"I’m more confident and happier than ever before in my life, and I enjoy commemorating that with fashion posts and all that fun stuff. If you don’t like it, and it’s upsetting to you, please unfollow and no need to inform me that you did. I honestly never expected the vitriol I’ve experienced over the past week simply because I’ve lost weight," Ash continued.

"You have no ownership over my body. Nor do you over any person in the public eye. And honestly? Would you ever tell a man he was no longer a role model because he lost weight? Exactly."

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