After Life's Ricky Gervais reveals season 3 Easter eggs fans should look out for

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

After Life season 3 has now dropped on Netflix and the cast has spilled lots about what to expect and who might be missing and why in upcoming episodes.

However, there are some Easter eggs hidden throughout the new episodes that creator and star Ricky Gervais has enjoyed adding in.

During his exclusive chat with Digital Spy, the actor and comedian said that there are two characters who fans will have seen before, including Kath Hughes' Coleen and Steve Brody's Geoff.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

"[Coleen's] such an amazing character immediately when she opens her mouth," he admitted. "And here's a little bit of trivia: she's actually, the reason she says 'I worked in the minimart' is that the actress is in series one.

"When I go and buy the dog food, and I go 'Excuse me where's the dog food?' and she's sitting on the floor and she goes 'By the cat food'. It was only that one line, but I remember she nailed it. So I thought 'Oh, she'd be good'".

"And same with the swingers. Steve Brody, when he says 'I work in the crematorium'. He's in the scene at the end of season one. When he goes 'It was boring, it was boring here'. I thought that'd be funny to bring him back. They all pop up so it's lovely doing those things."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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He revealed that he loves it when fans spot little important Easter Eggs, saying "It's worth doing, those little things".

"[Fans] do spot them, particularly because of the internet, people talk. You know, I get like a couple of tweets a week saying, 'Oh, he's still got the toothbrush. There's two toothbrushes' and you think 'Oh, that's lovely that they noticed that'.

"Hopefully people will watch this for 10 years, so I really enjoy putting those little bits in."

Gervais also opened up about the heartbreaking final season and explained the ending, so if you've watched it, you'll want to read all about what the final shots meant.

After Life is now streaming on Netflix.

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