A Lilly Jay Source Absolutely Goes Off on Ariana Grande's New Song 'The Boy Is Mine'

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A Lilly Jay Source Absolutely Goes Off on ArianaTheo Wargo - Getty Images

Ariana Grande released her gorgeous new album Eternal Sunshine earlier this month, and fans inevitably think "The Boy Is Mine" is about her boyfriend and Wicked co-star Ethan Slater. And, uh, apparently Ethan's estranged wife Lilly Jay is not thrilled.

A source close to Lilly told the Daily Mail that, "Ariana’s new album just shows what kind of woman she truly is. To sing a song called 'The Boy Is Mine' is not only a slap in the face to his still wife Lilly, but a slap in the face to all women."

The source added that, "As Lilly said from the get-go, Ariana is not a girl’s girl and Ethan’s family is collateral damage. Ariana basically rubbed it in Lilly’s face that she stole Ethan from Lilly then asks her fans to not interpret her song the wrong way. This is not an interpretation. It is her literal words."

"Ariana left nothing up to interpretation," the insider claimed. "She spelled it out and those close to Lilly believe she did this because she is upset that Ethan’s divorce is still dragging out. She wants him all to herself and feels that—because he is still legally married—she cannot truly have him. Everyone close to Lilly, and who knows Ethan, is just waiting for karma to slap him and Ariana in the face. It will come."

Well then! Some might argue that Ariana left a lot up for interpretation considering she hasn't 1) confirmed "The Boy Is Mine" is even about Ethan Slater, or 2) ever even mentioned dating the Broadway star. That! Said!!! It's also not shocking that fans—and Lilly Jay sources—are jumping to conclusions.

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