What links Henry Cooper, Brian London and Joe Bugner? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton
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<span>Photograph: Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Getty Images

The questions

1 What are the only surviving dinosaurs?
2 Which school calls itself the “oldest children’s democracy in the world”?
3 What is the naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver?
4 Which cape is at the south-west corner of Europe?
5 Where was third class scrapped in 1956?
6 Which Stratford-upon-Avon building was designed by Elisabeth Scott?
7 Red blood cells are made in what tissue?
8 Ouagalais live in what African country?
What links:
Silent (2); English (89); Korean (1)?
10 Stop; staircase; guillotine; single; double; broad?
11 The Warden; The Choir; The Spire; Pillars Of The Earth?
12 Unforgettable; Contemporary Classic; New Era (according to the IBA)?
13 Henry Cooper; Brian London; Joe Bugner; Richard Dunn?
14 Hedgehog; barrel; peyote; prickly pear; saguaro?
15 Gerboise Bleue, 1960; Project 596 (Miss Qiu), 1964 ; Pokhran-I (Smiling Buddha), 1974?

Hedgehog in Norfolk, UK
Don’t get prickly... Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Birds.
2 Summerhill.
3 Electrum.
4 Cape St Vincent (Portugal).
5 British Rail.
6 Shakespeare Memorial theatre (now Royal Shakespeare theatre).
7 Bone marrow.
8 Burkina Faso (inhabitants of Ouagadougou).
9 Language of best picture Oscar winners (Wings and The Artist; the rest; Parasite).
10 Types of canal lock.
11 Novels set around cathedrals: Anthony Trollope; Joanna Trollope; William Golding; Ken Follett.
12 Cocktail categories (as defined by the International Bartenders Association).
13 British boxers who fought Muhammad Ali.
14 Cacti.
15 Codenames of first nuclear weapons tests: France; China; India.