Lori Loughlin’s Look-Alike Teen Daughter Is a Beauty Star on YouTube

Olivia Giannulli gives us some serious Aunt Becky vibes. (Photo: Getty)

Whoa, baby! If nobody told us YouTube star Olivia Giannulli is the daughter of Aunt Becky from Full House, we would have definitely known anyway. The 17-year-old beauty guru is the spitting image of her mom, Lori Loughlin, 52. Log on to Giannulli’s YouTube channel, where she goes by the name Olivia Jade and has more than 642,000 subscribers, and you’re bound to have some serious ’90s flashbacks.

Every Sunday, the teen posts a new video to her channel, which features makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, vlogs of her everyday life, and even cameos by her mom — including one called, “Teaching My Mom Slang Terms of 2016,” in which the two giddily bond over Loughlin’s misuse of words like “fleek,” “finna,” and “fam”. (Loughlin asks if it’s fake ham. Cut it out, Aunt Becky.)

But Giannulli’s makeup videos are where her talents really stand out. As we watch her touch up her thick brows, highlight her cheekbones, and line her doe eyes, we can’t help but see Uncle Jesse’s girlfriend showing us how to get a perfect arch or accentuate our upper lash line. Giannulli’s soft-spoken, cheerful demeanor is also reminiscent of Loughlin, which makes it even sweeter.

The teen’s videos are often shot in her bedroom, but she also shoots them when she’s in her car, modeling clothes, or hanging out with her equally adorable boyfriend, Tyler, on the family sofa. Her favorite beauty products include Laura Mercier primer and translucent powder (these are part of her everyday routine), Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream (“I put this in almost every video,” she says. “It just gives you a really nice, hydrated, glowy finish”), and her favorite perfume, Chanel No. 5. (“It’s perfect. It reminds me of my mom.”)

In fact, it was her mom who inspired the teen’s obsession with beauty in the first place. Giannulli told Teen Vogue last year, “What initially got me into this was watching our mom get her makeup done for events. It’s pretty special that as a kid I got to learn proper techniques from watching professionals.” She mentioned that her mom’s advice to her was always “less is more,” and she took these words to heart.

And her mom couldn’t be more proud. On Monday, Loughlin told People, “Olivia definitely loves make-up and she’s very creative. And she started her own YouTube channel, and she really treats it like it is her career – it is her job.” According to the Daily Mail, it kind of is a job, because major brands have been paying her to do sponsored content on her channel. Not a bad gig for a 17-year-old!

While she is still a little rough around the edges — and still in high school — Giannulli hopes to one day launch her own cosmetics line. She told Teen Vogue, “It’s a dream of mine to launch a beauty or skin-care company one day. Being able to create my own line of products would be so surreal.”

She’s not the only sibling with high aspirations. Sister Bella, 18, is actually following in her mom’s footsteps and pursuing a career in acting. Her first role was alongside Loughlin; in fact, in the Hallmark Channel’s Every Christmas Has a Story, where the two spent a month straight together and loved it. Bella is also a fashion blogger; head over to Because I’m Bella to read about her obsessions with things like duster jackets and over-the-knee boots.

And while Olivia’s influence seems to have come mostly from her mom, Bella seems to have been inspired by both parents. The girls’ dad, Mossimo Giannulli, is the L.A.-based designer behind the Mossimo label.

Despite their head start in life, there’s something very relatable about the sisters that has us looking forward to seeing what they do next besides go to college, that is.

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