‘Loving’ dog spends over a year in shelter. She’s still ‘patiently waiting’ for home

A “loving” dog has spent more than a year at a Maryland shelter — and she’s still “patiently waiting” for a home, the animal organization said.

Lilo, an affectionate dog with a love for spending time with people, would welcome the chance to cuddle with a new owner, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Anne Arundel County.

“This sweet girl spends her days in our main office due to being stressed out by the commotion of the main dog room,” the shelter wrote April 22 in a Facebook post. “She loves hanging out in there but due to this, she doesn’t get as much interest from potential adopters since they don’t get to see her!”

Lilo also is believed to be an American pit bull terrier mix. While there’s an audience for similar breeds, they’re becoming less popular, operations manager Christopher Jimenez told McClatchy News in an phone interview.

Lilo is up for adoption after she landed at the shelter in January. She was surrendered after her previous family was caring for too many pets and grew afraid of their apartment complex catching them, according to Jimenez and an online adoption profile.

Over time, Lilo became known as a “loving” and “well mannered” 2-year-old dog. She has bursts of energy but also enjoys quieter moments — including when she takes several “peaceful naps a day.”

“While she is a little ball of energy, she walks well on a leash and only chews on her toys,” the shelter wrote in December.

As of April 22, the SPCA’s website showed the overlooked dog was still in need of a new owner. More information about the shelter’s adoption process can be found at aacspca.org.

“She is truly adored by all of our staff and volunteers and is such a happy and loving girl who deserves an amazing home,” the SPCA wrote.

The shelter is in the state capital of Annapolis, a roughly 30-mile drive southeast from Baltimore.

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