Loving, stray cat with ‘ruptured eyes’ needed surgery. Now she’s looking for a home

The cat was very thin. The grey-furred feline didn’t want to be touched and was in terrible shape. Not only was she clearly dehydrated, she also had two ruptured eyes.

“We aren’t sure what caused the damage to her eyes,” the Columbia County Humane Society in Portage, Wisconsin, said in a message to McClatchy News. “We got her immediate vet attention and the decision was made to extract them.”

The cat’s name is Spyro, according to an April 3 Facebook post by the humane society.

“She must have been in pain because right after her surgery her whole personality changed,” the humane society said.

“After some well needed vet care and lots of love from the staff, Spyro is now ready for adoption,” the humane society announced in its post.

Having a blind cat can seem daunting to prospective adopters, but the humane society assures people that Spyro will be just fine with just a little extra acclimation time to her new space.

“Blind cats rely on scent and memory to find their way around. They may also memorize heights and distances when jumping,” says Best Friends Animal Society.

According to the humane society, Spyro has had no trouble navigating spaces.

“Spyro hasn’t let her disability stop her from living her best life,” the humane society said in its post.

Since Spyro’s surgery, she is no longer in pain and is very loving. Columbia County Humane Society
Since Spyro’s surgery, she is no longer in pain and is very loving. Columbia County Humane Society

A recurring theme with Spyro is affection, the humane society said. Since her pain subsided, she began chirping for attention and rubbing against the door whenever she hears someone coming toward her cage.

The humane society said she will make a “very loving companion.”

“Spyro craves human attention and is looking for a lap to sleep in,” it said.

Anyone interested in having Spyro as a companion can go to cchswi.org to apply to adopt her.

Portage is about a 40-mile drive north of Madison.

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