A luxury rotating glamping RV with wraparound windows has gone on sale for $270,000. Take a look inside.

  • New Zealand design firm W2 decked out a luxury RV, which is on the market for $270,000.

  • The Romotow rotating caravan swivels out to create a two-part space with a deck and a main cabin.

  • The cabin can house up to six people and includes a cozy sleeping area, kitchen, and dining lounge.

Camping has just got a lot more luxurious with this new Romotow RV.

glamping rv
The Romotow trailer attached to a car.W2

The starting price for the 30.5-foot caravan is $270,000 although this may increase once the buyer begins adding on options and customizations.

rotating caravan
The trailer from afar.W2

The unique 30.5-foot caravan was designed by architecture firm W2, which is based in New Zealand.

rotating caravan
The trailer at night.W2

What makes this trailer different is that it has an automated hydraulic system that allows it to swivel out to create a two-part space with large deck and a main cabin that can house up to six people.

rotating caravan
The trailer swings it out 90 degrees.W2

It can be opened and closed in less than a minute.

rotating glamping rv
The main cabin of the trailer.W2

The covered patio with teak flooring is perfect for when you want to take in your beautiful surroundings after a long day of traveling.

rotating glamping rv
Outdoor patio area.W2

You can easily place camping furniture there to enjoy the views and even choose to include removable mesh sidewalls to keep out bugs.

rotating glamping rv
Outdoor seating on the patio.W2

The main cabin includes a spacious dining lounge that is surrounded by wraparound windows.

rotating glamping rv
Dining lounge seen from the outside.W2

The dining benches can comfortably sit up to six people.

rotating glamping rv
Dining lounge seen from the inside.W2

It can also be used as a sleeping area, as the dinette converts over to two single beds or one double bed.

rotating glamping rv
The dining area.W2

The kitchen is small, but practical, and comes either in a two-counter or single-counter design. It includes a sink, gas range, and a fridge and freezer unit.

rotating glamping rv
The kitchen is open-concept and next to the dining lounge.W2

The L-shaped bathroom, which is right behind the kitchen, has a corner toilet, sink and spacious shower. A roof window brings in even more light.

rotating glamping rv
L-shaped bathroom with skylight.W2

The bedroom is at the very back of the caravan and can be closed off via its own door.

rotating glamping rv
Private bedroom.W2

The room is sleek and cozy, and includes two large windows with built-in shutters that give you privacy at night.

rotating glamping rv
King-sized bed in private bedroom.W2

It also has plenty of storage space, including a closet and bedside tables.

rotating glamping rv
Aerial view of bedroom.W2

The modern unit also has plenty of entertainment options, which include a multi-zone Fusion sound system and an outdoor projector system with pull-down screen.

rotating glamping rv
Electronic system in caravan.W2

At night the lit-up caravan is especially cozy.

rotating caravan
Caravan at night.W2

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