I’m an Amazon Shopping Editor, and This Is (Almost) Everything I Keep on My Nightstand

Christina Butan
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I'm an Amazon Shopping Editor, and This Is What I Keep on My Nightstand
I'm an Amazon Shopping Editor, and This Is What I Keep on My Nightstand


I consider my nightstand a pretty special place. It's where I keep everything I'd want or need before going to bed, and it's where I go to grab my everyday essentials, from my favorite pair of Mejuri earrings to my deodorant. It's also a space where I can squeeze in decor that may not work in other parts of my home, like crystals, a mirror vanity tray, and a Grecian bust pot. Since it's so carefully curated, it's one of my favorite spots in my apartment.

Everything I keep on my nightstand is either a practical product, like hand cream and my Yeti tumbler, or a little luxury that make me feel pampered, like body oils and room mists. And of course, almost everything can be found on Amazon (though I do shop at other places, people).

These are 10 of my favorite things on my nightstand right now:

PuTwo Gold Mirror Vanity Tray

For the longest time, everything on my nightstand was just scattered about, which made it easy to put *everything* on there as opposed to a selection of products I actually used often. If you're in the same boat, I highly recommend getting this mirrored vanity tray. It's one of those accent pieces that looks fancy but doesn't cost a lot. It just feels like an #adult thing for getting my life together, and it's a simple, sturdy, easy way to elevate any area in your home. (There's also an even fancier-looking marbled version, which I'm considering for my bathroom.)

Shop now: $26; amazon.com

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum cream is a classic for a reason. Made with Guaraná extract (a plant rich in caffeine), Cupuaçu butter (a Brazilian fruit related to cacao), açaí oil, and coconut oil, the body cream is meant to tighten, smooth, and moisturize skin. Other than the fact that it's deeply hydrating and will literally leave you glowing, the cream smells delicious — a mouth-watering mix of almond, caramel, vanilla, and sandalwood. I always grab it after I get out of the shower (after using the brand's body scrub) and slather it everywhere.

Shop now: $20; amazon.com

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

I love Slip's eye masks so much that I own three. There's a lot to love — the 100 percent mulberry silk mask is super comfy and delicate on skin and even has anti-aging benefits. I've gone through countless eye masks and regret not just starting off with Slip's because it would've definitely saved me a lot of money and sleepless nights. Now, I never go to sleep without one.

Shop now: $50; amazon.com

Zum Mist Room and Body Spray

I've raved about this aromatherapy mist before, and it's still a staple of mine. The brand has a few different blends, but my favorite is the frankincense and myrrh. I find the scent to be very sensual — it's super musky and earthy, and I love that it simultaneously awakens my senses but also makes me feel cozy. I like to compare it to Le Labo Santal, not because they smell all that similar, but because they give me that same invigorating and intoxicating feeling. Plus, I love that it can be used as a room spray too. I often mist myself with it before going to bed.

Shop now: $12; amazon.com

Bio-Oil Body Oil

If it's Kardashian-approved, I obviously have to have it. (I want to say I'm joking, but they influence me more than I'd like to admit!) The practically famous drugstore oil isn't just a celeb favorite — it has a whopping 57,500 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers. It tackles stretch marks and scars, and it has a super lovely scent. I try to use it every night and have definitely been seeing slow but steady results.

Shop now: $9; amazon.com

Yeti Insulated Tumbler

I haven't always been the best at drinking the recommended amount of water every day, but my Yeti tumbler has definitely changed that. I've tried everything — including those huge motivational water bottles — but the Yeti is just the perfect size to get me drinking enough without making it feel like a chore. It doesn't get yucky quickly like those plastic bottles, and it comes in so many nice colors. I keep it on my nightstand just in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night, and it helps me start drinking water right when I wake up. I also added the straw lid to mine.

Shop now: from $35; amazon.com

Dove Aluminum Free Deodorant

This is hands down the most moisturizing deodorant I've ever tried. I don't use it as my main deodorant, but I use it after I shave, before going to bed, and on days when I don't feel like I need to use a heavy-duty one. If your underarms are often irritated or feel dry, definitely try this out.

Shop now: $18 for a pack of three; amazon.com

L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil

My love for L'Occitane's almond collection is everlasting, and this is one of my favorite products. The almond skin oil is just a sexy body care staple all around — it looks sexy, smells sexy, and will leave you feeling, well, sexy. Other than almond oil, omega 3 and 6 are key ingredients, so it's recommended to use anywhere you'd like to feel more toned and supple. It has a spray pump, so it's easy to dispense, and it also works great as a massage oil.

Shop now: $50; amazon.com

mDesign Stackable Container

It sounds silly, but I'm in love with this little container from mDesign. I was looking for something sleek, small, and cute, and this checks off all the boxes. I keep one on top of my nightstand for hair essentials I use every day (like Slip's silk hair ties and these TikTok-loved claw clips) and one in my drawer to organize miscellany.

Shop now: $15; amazon.com

Curél Extreme Dry Hand Relief

I'm always rotating my hand creams, and right now I'm loving Curél's newest Extreme Dry Hand Relief cream. I was already a fan of the Daily Healing Lotion, and this version is similar but has an extra punch of moisture. It smells pleasant, absorbs really well, and never leaves hands sticky. It's also less than $5, so it's truly a win all around.

Shop now: $5; amazon.com

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