Make It Reign: Royal Reads Book Club Part 2: Princess Diana's breaking point

At one point, she was the most photographed and talked about woman in the world.

Now, almost 21 years after her death, Princess Diana remains a permanent fixture in the news as her sons, Princes William and Harry, build their own families and seemingly live a life that their mother never could.

Princess Diana’s 1981 marriage to Prince Charles should have been the crown jewel in a fairytale romance. Instead, it was the start of a marriage that was filled with secrets, lies and infidelity.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1985. Image via Getty Images.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo U.K.’s “The Royal Box” video series, Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton reveals he didn’t know what to expect when the princess secretly agreed to being interviewed for the tell-all book, “Diana: Her True Story.”

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Prince William. Image via Getty Images.

“I expected her to be talking about charities, her humanitarian mission and her thoughts for the future,” Morton told “The Royal Box” host, Kate Thornton. “Instead, I got the name of this woman called Camilla that nobody had ever heard of her, this illness that she suffered from called bulimia nervosa, and these suicide attempts that she’d made. It was an astonishing story, and it was as if I’d entered a parallel universe.”

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We dissect the explosive tell-all book that hanged public perception of the royal family, and signalled the beginning of the end for Diana and Charles in Part 2 of our Royal Reads series on our all-royals podcast, “Make It Reign.”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1991. Image via Getty Images.

Picking up shortly before the birth of Prince William, we discuss Diana’s numerous suicide attempts, her eating disorder, and her infamous humanitarian efforts.

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