Make It Reign: Unleash the corgis!

Earlier this month, Kensington Palace announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were adding to their brood and adopting a dog together — a Labrador retriever named Oz.

Queen Elizabeth II and her beloved corgi, Susan. Image via Getty Images.

While the newest royal hound has yet to make a public debut, they join a long lineage of beloved royal family pups who have made history in their own right.

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On this week’s episode of Make It Reign, Yahoo Canada‘s all-royal podcast, we’re diving into the history books and profiling the corgi that started it all – Queen Elizabeth’s beloved dog, Susan. From biting royal workers to accompanying her Majesty on her honeymoon, Susan the Corgi paved the way for the Queen’s trademark canine breed.

Princess Elizabeth, King George IV, Princess Margaret and Susan the corgi in 1946. Image via Getty Images.

Everyone knows, when it comes to Queen Elizabeth and whom she loves most the pecking order is (most likely) Prince Philip, the corgis, pretty much everyone else and then Prince Charles.

From royally approved breeds to pet-ownership taboos, it’s all here on our latest episode, “Unleash The Corgis!”

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