Man shares emotional moment his grandfather updated framed photo to represent his transition

A transgender man revealed the sweet moment where his grandfather updated a family picture frame to a feature a new photo of his grandchild after transitioning.

On TikTok, Nico, @nicolascazorlaaa, shared in a recent video that his grandfather wanted to change a framed photo of the TikToker in a graduation cap that was taken before his transition.

“My grandpa wanted to change my pre-transition picture,” reads the text in the video, before showing Nico’s grandfather holding the picture frame and removing the backing of it. He’s smiling as he switched the old photo of Nico out with a new one.

The 20-year-old then offer his viewers a closer look to the photo of himself, where he could be seen posing in front of a lake wearing a white shirt and green pants.

Nico directed the camera towards himself and his relative, as the text over the video reads: “Grandpa of the year award.” The man also praised his grandfather in the caption and wrote: “He is the only one who has never messed up.”

“A lot of older people tend to use their age and generation they grew up in as an excuse to be transphobic and dead name others,” Nico told The Independent. “I wanted to show my generation that while the norm is that older people are unsupportive, we need to give them a chance to teach and educate them as well.”

As of 26 July, the video has more than 1.2m views, with TikTok users in the comments applauding Nico and his grandfather.

“He looks so proud ! Congratulations!,” one wrote.

“The smile on his face says everything!,” another added. “So happy for you.”

A third person wrote: “We love abuelo, absolute legend”

Multiple viewers noted how the clip is related to generational misconceptions and how being of the older age doesn’t always impact one’s “willingness” to support a person who is transgender.

“Just proves that it’s not about what generation you’re from, it’s about a willingness to understand and keep loving,” one wrote.

“What an excellent gentleman,” another added. “Proof that age is not an excuse.”

Nico, who has shared multiple videos about his transition story and how he received gender confirmation surgery, toldThe Independent that he was motivated to share his journey on TikTok because people were “genuinely interested” in watching his transition.

He even shared a few messages that he hopes to get across to his viewers through his platform and addressed the importance of gender neutral pronouns being used for the sake of children in school.

“I believe that schools need to not only use gender neutral language in the classroom but teach kids that being trans isn’t a choice,” he explained. “That trans youth is real and they need gender affirming help. I hope to continue to use my platform to ensure kids that they are being seen.”