Mansion for sale in Pennsylvania has an unbelievably huge indoor fountain. Take a look

Towering water fountains in front of large houses tend to be a sign of riches or an affection for works of art, but one particularly ginormous fountain has some people scratching their heads in wonder — and confusion.

Because it’s not only huge, it’s indoors. And seats 20 people.

“Welcome to 1505 High Meadow Lane in Mechanicsburg - A Grand and Distinctive Elegant Home in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County,” the listing on says. “This stunning, one of a kind home sits on 2.19 Acres on a hilltop with lovely views.”

The glamorous five-bedroom, 10.5-bathroom mansion is 16,000 square feet, is listed for $1.1 million and has so many other features around that spa fountain, which include:

  • Decorated in “French provincial style”

  • Two formal dining rooms

  • Eight fireplaces

  • Indoor spa

  • Ballroom with bar

  • Billiard room

  • Heated pool

  • Walkout basement

  • Terrace patios

The dramatic home was featured on Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that highlights bizarre houses on the market, and folks didn’t exactly know how they feel about it.

“I didn’t know what you meant by indoor fountain with space for 20. Then I saw the photo. And I still have no idea,” one person said.

“I don’t think I could be allowed to own jeans if I lived in this home,” another joked.

“French Provincial aside, this is an amazing property. So much potential,” someone noted.

“I kind of love it. I’m also kind of assuming the furniture talks and a man-beast lives in the west wing and will hold you captive until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in!” one person joked alluding to “Beauty and the Beast.”

“I’m both appalled and intrigued by the interior. The outdoor landscaping is gorgeous though,” another commented.

This owner really liked chairs,” someone tweeted.

Mechanicsburg is about 110 miles west of Philadelphia.

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