Meg Bellamy On 'The Crown', Kate Middleton And Braving The Bob For Her Very First BAFTAs

meg bellamy beauty interview
Meg Bellamy On Kate Middleton And Her BAFTAs BobZoe McConnell for Lancôme

If we've learned anything from the recent era of television, it's that a high-profile biopic can be the making of British talent. Netflix's The Crown has been a prime example of this; the ever growing successes of Josh O'Connor, Emma Corrin and Vanessa Kirby serving as proof that captivating real life stories are the crème de la crème of roles for homegrown budding actors. The shows latest breakthrough star? Meg Bellamy, 21, whose debut role as the Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has us in eager anticipation of where the young British actor will go next.

ELLE UK caught up with Bellamy following her first ever BAFTAs appearance to discuss life post-The Crown, Kate Middleton and the braving the bob for her red carpet debut...

This weekend was your first BAFTAs. How was the experience?

'It's been amazing to see The Crown be nominated and to see Elizabeth Debicki doing as well as she has been. I just feel so happy to be kind of applauding from the sidelines and just watching amazing people do their thing. Just to be kind of sharing a carpet and sharing a room with all these people that I've always looked up to was unfathomable.

It was so exciting, I think because I'd had a couple of fittings with my dress and I just had my hair cut, it all felt very like fresh and exciting. I was so comfortable and excited to wear the look, more so than I've ever been before. That was just such a lovely process. I really love my glam team and it was just a really lovely atmosphere and vibe.'

Tell us all about your BAFTAs look...

'My team of had been chatting to Armani about a potential custom look and they sent through these sketches a couple of weeks ago. I saw it and was instantly went, "Oh my gosh, if that looks anything like how it does on the sketch, it's gonna be a dream." I've always loved Armani. We started the first fitting and then did some adjustments. I love everything about the dress. It's corseted underneath, which you wouldn't necessarily be able to tell. I love the single padded shoulder. I just thought that was really effective and all the sparkly details were just really magic and pulled it all together.'

meg bellamy beauty interview
Zoe McConnell for Lancôme

What inspired your new bob?

'I hadn't been allowed to cut my hair for so long because of the show. I just wanted like a bit of a change. I had a photographer in Paris who had this beautiful French bob and I was like, I want that. Luckily my hairstylist Chad Maxwell, he cut it for me and he's so amazing at making anything look fab. I love it. It's very freeing having a bob.'

What was your favourite part of becoming Kate Middleton in The Crown?

'The costume being very much of a certain era was really exciting because it felt very far away from what I would wear. The low cut jeans, big belts, big boots. That was really exciting because it just felt different, which was more helpful for getting into character. I also loved playing my natural hair texture. I always thought I just had very straight hair and on the show, we pulled out more of its wavy texture. It was really exciting just to see what elements of myself we could bring out and elevate to make them look more like Kate.'

meg bellamy beauty interview

Did you learn any make-up tips on set?

'When I was filming the Crown, my make-up artist booking me a facial very kindly at QMS. She looked at my skin to give me an evaluation and she said "you used scrub exfoliation, don't you?" I did and she told me no scrubs. So that's my advice and I stick to it now. No scrubs on my face, we've gotta be gentle.'

How does it feel to have your likeness to a real person like Kate discussed publicly?

'Even after the show, we will pick out a look that has absolutely nothing to do with Kate for no other reason other than we just like the look. Even if it's not inspired by her necessarily, I'll still read an article the next day that's like, "Meg honours Kate's 2017 gown..." but, you know, she's been in the public eye for a long time. It's pretty likely that she will have worn a lot of things. It is interesting and I'm not trying to be her when I'm not playing her. The separation I think is important but I guess, understandable that people only see me as her because I've not done anything else yet.'

meg bellamy beauty interview
Zoe McConnell for Lancôme

Who are your beauty icons?

'So many people in different kind of phases. Bailey Bass, who's in the new Avatar film has really been inspiring me recently. She's opting for much more of a no-make-up look and talking about how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin. I think that that's really important and I've been thinking about that a lot recently.

I saw the shoot Jenna Ortega did for Harper's Bazaar UK the other day and she just looks amazing. That was really like a beautiful look.'

What is in your personal beauty stash right now?

'I definitely have my staples that I've kind of kept since I was younger, but I'm so lucky now that sometimes I get sent some amazing things. I have this LED mask from The Light Salon and it's so nice and so relaxing and it's really brightened up my skin.'

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Get Meg's French Chic Beauty Look

'Meg was wearing a full-length Armani black gown backless and off the shoulder gown so we decided to keep make-up fresh chic and French girl cool, which we thought would work really well with her new bob haircut,' says celebrity make-up artist Gina Kane.

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