Why Meghan Markle has to wear white on her wedding day

When Meghan and Harry got engaged, some questioned whether the divorced bride-to-be should marry in a white gown. But as it turns out, all royal brides are expected to wear a form of white. The tradition dates back to the days of Queen Victoria. She wore pure white when she married Prince Albert in 1840 — which was very unusual at the time. Wealthy and royal brides typically wore gold or blue gowns. Victoria popularized the white wedding gown as she believed it symbolized purity of the soul.

Some questioned whether <span class="st">divorcée</span> Meghan Markle should marry in a white gown. <em>(Photo: Getty)</em>
Some questioned whether divorcée Meghan Markle should marry in a white gown. (Photo: Getty)

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Other royal brides have followed suit with shades of white, including Kate Middleton
and Princess Diana. We can expect the same from Meghan.

Watch the video above for more on why royals’ wedding dresses are always white — and let us know what you think.

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