Blogger Melissa Blake sheds light on realities of living with disability: 'I am demanding better'

The advocate claimed says she's demanding better for herself and others like her.

Blogger Melissa Blake opens up about the struggles of living with a disability via Instagram/ @melissablake81
Blogger Melissa Blake opened up about the struggles of living with a disability. (Photo via Instagram/@melissablake81)

Melissa Blake is reflecting on the struggles of having a disability.

In an Instagram reel on Sunday, the blogger and disability advocate offered a glimpse into the challenges she faced day-to-day.

Set to Olivia Rodrigo's song "all-american bi—," Blake conveyed her message with on-screen text that read: "The reality of being disabled," before listing, "ableism, accessibility, inequality, stereotypes," and "poverty."

In the caption, Blake did not mince her words, writing, "Disabled people constantly face obstacles... And yet? Through it all, society wants us to be ever grateful," she added.

Blake noted society urges those living with a disability to feel grateful "for the bare minimum," despite "the vast majority" of their needs not being met or being "an after-thought."

The 41-year-old raised the question of what message this sends to disabled people, emphasizing society's inconsistent attitude. "Where it really counts, where it really matters, no one wants to hear about our struggles," she continued.

"We live in a society that loves disabled people when we’re 'inspiring,' but that love quickly fades the second we start to advocate for ourselves. We're then seen as 'too annoying' and 'too angry' and 'too demanding' and 'too vocal,' as if we should just 'be grateful' for what we have."

Blake insisted this double standard is unacceptable. "We deserve so much better than just the bare minimum," she wrote. "I am demanding better and refusing to just 'be grateful.'"

In the comments, viewers praised Blake for speaking up on behalf of others who face the same struggles and raising awareness.

"Thank you for this," an Instagram user penned, while another added, "Yes, Queen! This is absolutely brilliant."

"So important to raise awareness!," someone chimed in.

"This video is amazing and the message is very clear! Thank you!," a commenter shared. "Thank you for sharing," added another.

In May, Blake shared another empowering Instagram post after receiving hateful comments online targeting her appearance.

Paired with a selfie, she included the screenshots of the comments which included, "You're completely and utterly hideous," and "I use your picture to scare my kids when they misbehave."

"This is why I continue to speak up. This is why I'm writing an entire book about disabilities. This is why I constantly push back against toxic beauty standards," Blake captioned the post.

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