Canadian TV host Melissa Grelo opens up about confidence: 'I don't shrink for anyone'

The 45-year-old host penned a thoughtful caption on empowering her own voice without fear.

Melissa Grelo shared an empowering message for women and reminder about
Melissa Grelo shared an empowering message for women and reminder about "internalized misogyny." (Instagram/ @melissagrelo)

Melissa Grelo is getting real about double standards.

On Tuesday, the "CP24 Breakfast" co-host took to Instagram to share a video of herself reacting to a clip of Oprah Winfrey, explaining the importance of keeping "your cup full." She paired it with a powerful caption about women uplifting one another.

"I used to be afraid," Winfrey says in the video clipped in Grelo's post. "Particularly, for people to say 'Oh, she's so full of herself.'"

"Now, I embrace it. I consider it a compliment that I am full of myself," she adds. "I have so much to offer and so much to give and I'm not afraid of honouring myself."

Adding to Winfrey's sentiment, Grelo penned a message about using the phrase "she's so full of herself" and the possible "internalized misogyny" behind it.

"Ladies, why is this supposed insult one that is uniquely lobbed at women by women? Is it internalized misogyny?" she wrote. "Is it solely to tear down someone else’s confidence? Does it make you feel superior? Are you not comfortable in the presence of a powerful woman? Are you not comfortable with a woman who is empowered?"

Pugliese thoughtfully pointed out that men who possess the qualities of being "full of themselves" are often described "as strong, outspoken, confident, fearless, self-assured, assertive.

"I don’t shrink for anyone, I have a voice, a perspective and they matter," she continued. "I feel powerful and empowered, and I vibe with bad b——-s who feel and live the same way."

Commenters praised Pugliese for championing women's issues.

"Well said," chimed in fellow Canadian TV personality Sangita Patel.

"Thank you for this. I’ve heard this my whole life and instead of pushing against it, I’ve taken it out on myself," a fan shared. "I’ve dimmed my light but lately, I’ve come not to care what others think. It is so freeing."

"Love and resonate with all of this so much," another wrote.

"Preach, sister. So true," an Instagram user commented.

One fan added: "Needed to read this today!"

Last month, Grelo shared another inspirational message with her Instagram followers. The mom-of-one shared a video marking the progress of her "amazing" fitness journey.

"I've always enjoyed working and moving my body. As a farm kid, it's in my DNA," the 45-year-old host wrote.

"But, if you've been part of my community here for a while then you know that over the pandemic, my focus shifted from fitness to overall wellness, especially mental health, and increasing my healthspan — the length and quality of my life," she added.

"At 45, I'm in a better state of mental and physical health than I was 20 years ago."

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