Canadian host Melissa Grelo says weightlifting is her 'fountain of youth'

"Do you even lift, sis?" the host asked.

Melissa Grelo is opening up about her hair loss issues. (Instagram/@melissagrelo)
Melissa Grelo is opening up about her hair loss issues. (Instagram/@melissagrelo)

Melissa Grelo is sharing her fitness journey.

On Thursday, the CP24 host took to Instagram with an empowering and motivational Instagram Reel of herself lifting weights paired with a caption urging women over 40 years old to follow suit.

In the candid clip, the 46-year-old showcased her strength with various low-impact exercises using weights. She broke a sweat in a pair of classic black leggings, a blue and white sports bra and white sneakers.

In the caption, Grelo emphasized the importance of weightlifting for women when hormonal changes begin to surface.

"Do you even lift, sis?" she began, before dubbing weights the secret to staying youthful.

"Ladies, if you're not picking up those weights, what are you waiting for? Especially if you're over 40, weights are your fountain of youth, strength and health!" Grelo penned.

Fans met Grelo's inspirational post with supportive messages in the comments.

"Inspired!" one person shared.

"You are so right!" another Instagram user chimed in.

"You are my inspiration. Beast mode!" added a fan. Another quipped, "the queen is queening."

Fellow content creator Sasha Exeter commented, "weights become more and more important the older we get," while former "ET Canada" host Sangita Patel added a supportive "get it" note.

Grelo's fitness display comes weeks after she shared an Instagram Reel where she candidly discussed her plans for navigating the upcoming perimenopause era. In the post, Grelo emphasized the pivotal role of nutrition and fitness during this transformative period in a woman's life.

With the help of wellness guru Suzan Galluzzo, the Canadian TV host said she is "hopeful about where my journey is taking me."

While Grelo is optimistic about navigating her own perimenopausal journey, she acknowledged her experience isn't the same for all women, saying, "the medical system was not made for us." She continued, "We have to advocate for ourselves louder and more often than anyone else."

In the caption, Grelo reiterated: "I'm excited to shift the way I eat and move for my new hormonal reality. I believe in what I call the 'FMS First' approach when it comes to health and wellness: Food, movement and sleep. These often need to change a lot when hormones start fluctuating in perimenopause and beyond."

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