Melissa Grelo gets real on motherhood amid Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce drama

TMZ reported a source revealed the cause of their divorce to be differences in lifestyle.

Melissa Grelo shares her perspective on partying and motherhood following Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's split via Instagram/ @melissagrelo
Melissa Grelo shared her perspective on partying and motherhood following a recent celebrity divorce. (Instagram/@melissagrelo) (Photo via Instagram/ @melissagrelo)

Melissa Grelo is serving up a fresh perspective on motherhood and partying.

The Canadian TV host posted an Instagram Reel on Wednesday from her recent appearance on CTV's "The Social," sharing a powerful statement about feminism and motherhood in the wake of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's recent split.

"For the record, you can like to party and still be a good mom," Grelo stated in the video. "I think it's very dangerous territory to start saying, 'Well, you're either a mom or you like to go and party.'

"What we have fought for as feminists is you can do and be it all."

"Period dot ca," the accompanying caption read.

Earlier this week, the Jonas Brothers singer, 34, and the "Game of Thrones" actress, 27 — who share two children — made headlines after announcing the end of their four-year marriage. According to TMZ, a source with "direct knowledge" revealed the cause of their divorce to be differences in lifestyle.

"She likes to party, he likes to stay at home," the source alleged.

The comment has since garnered backlash online from many who have criticized this narrative, labelling it a "sexist smear campaign" aimed at portraying Turner as an unfit mother.

Joe Jonas (left) and Sophie Turner share two children together. (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)
Joe Jonas (left) and Sophie Turner share two children together. (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images) (Lionel Hahn via Getty Images)

In response to the post, fans rallied behind Grelo's message in the comment section.

"It's so obvious that Joe and his reps are running a sexist smear campaign to paint Sophie as an unfit mother and get everybody on his side," one Instagram user wrote. "He married her when she was 23 years old."

"Seriously! Women can be great moms, successful professionals and fun and party animals all in one! Why can't we?!" added another.

"This is such an amazing reminder that women don't need to lose their entire identities when they become moms. We can still have other interests and hobbies and titles outside of motherhood," a fan penned.

"I co-sign this message!" echoed another.

Back in May, Grelo shared another feminist message with her Instagram followers. Alongside a video of herself reacting to a clip of Oprah Winfrey explaining the importance of keeping "your cup full," she wrote an empowering caption about women uplifting one another.

"I used to be afraid," Winfrey said in the video clipped in Grelo's post. "Particularly, for people to say, 'Oh, she's so full of herself.'

"Now, I embrace it. I consider it a compliment that I am full of myself. I have so much to offer and so much to give and I'm not afraid of honouring myself."

In her caption, Grelo explained that her "fire burns bright" and she refuses to "shrink" herself down for anyone.

"Ladies, why is this supposed insult one that is uniquely lobbed at women by women? Is it internalized misogyny?" Grelo penned in the caption.

"Is it solely to tear down someone else's confidence? Does it make you feel superior? Are you not comfortable in the presence of a powerful woman? Are you not comfortable with a woman who is empowered?"

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