Mom asks if she’s wrong for how she reacted to her son’s near-accident

Mom holding toddler son

We’ve all heard those stories of moms who see their children in danger and spring into action, fueled by adrenaline that makes them able to perform superhuman feats. In a story posted to Reddit’s “AITA” forum, a mom saw her son in danger, but was criticized for her adrenaline-fueled response. Now she’s questioning if she was wrong.

“I (26f) have a 4 year old son. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday, so a good few people were at our house. We have a shaky old book shelf that we use for old VHS movies that has fallen down twice now, we’ve been meaning to get rid of it, but we’ve decided to focus on our living situations first,” she wrote. “My son was laying down on his back with his feet to the bottom of the shelf out of boredom while I was deciding on a position for the couch. A small earthquake happened, and it began to fall towards him. I screamed (admittedly loud) threw myself over the couch and pulled him out of the way by his arm. He just laughed and called me ‘girl-flash’ because I was fast, and I just held onto him and began to cry.”

She continued, “People who had heard my scream were in the room now, and he explained what happened. My sister reassured me and said to stop crying, but I couldn’t, she got annoyed after a bit and said I was being dramatic and he was fine. I said rather harshly ‘you watch that shelf almost fall on your daughter and just go back to normal.'”

She said her sister then said, “Just as ‘you’ as ever.”

“When my husband came back from his dad taking him for his birthday gift (he was console shopping during the incident) my sister said ‘Sorry about her, you’re in for a helluva marriage,'” the mom wrote. “He asked what she was talking about, noticing I was still misty eyed, I explained, and he just said nothing, put the VHS tapes in a box, and dragged the shelf to the garage and locked it. He asked to not invite her places again. I feel like I ended his birthday on a sour note.”

Now this poor mom wants to know if she’s the one in the wrong because of her sister’s sour grapes. Aside from not doing anything about that extremely dangerous shelf before it almost caused an accident, of course she isn’t! And that’s what commenters had to say.

“It doesn’t even sound like your husband is upset. He seems very level-headed headed about this incident. Your sister dredged up her history with you to make this a bigger deal than it needed to be,” one of the highest-rated comments reads.

Another added, “Your sister is awful to you, and used a near-accident of your son’s to take a swipe at you. Your husband is right, and he has your back. Listen to him. And stop inviting someone around who is Disney villain level of mean.”

Here’s hoping this mom listens to her husband and stops having her sister around.