Mom Is ‘Beyond Emotional’ After Police Officer’s Act of Kindness

Elise Solé
A police officer bought this struggling mom a new car seat. (Photo: Courtesy of Khadijah Rice)

A mom who couldn’t afford a car seat for her young son is feeling “beyond emotional” after receiving the gift from a police officer.

After months of unemployment, Khadijah Rice, 23, a mother of two in Virginia Beach, Va., recently landed a new job and bought a new car; however, the car seat she had wasn’t usable, and she couldn’t afford a new one for her 4-year-old son, Isaiah. “All my money had gone toward the car,” Rice tells Yahoo Beauty.

On Friday, Rice drove to Isaiah’s father’s house to pick up the boy, but without a car seat, the dad understandably wouldn’t allow his son in the car.

Rice drove to her grandmother’s house and decided to call the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office for assistance. After explaining the situation, Sgt. Sean Hogge met Rice at the house, then pulled out his phone and started typing. “I had no idea what he was doing,” Rice tells Yahoo Beauty. “Then he said, ‘Follow me to Walmart and I’ll buy you a car seat.'”

Sgt. Sean Hogge bought a new car seat for a mom who couldn’t afford one. (Photo: Courtesy of Khadijah Rice)

Stunned, Rice followed the officer in her car and, once inside the store, he said, “Pick any seat you want.” Rice wanted to pick a reasonably priced seat, but the cheapest model was pink — not exactly her son’s style. So Hogge purchased a $156 Evenflo model that can convert into a booster seat when the boy reaches the appropriate age.

Sgt. Hogge helping to install the car seat. (Photo: Courtesy of Khadijah Rice)

The officer then installed the seat in Rice’s car, a sweet moment the mom captured on camera. “I’m beyond emotional from his good deed, I can’t thank this man enough!” Rice wrote on Facebook in a post that received more than 620 likes and nearly 200 shares. “There’s still good people (cops) out here — moral of the story is I was down for a long time and now I’m picking myself up….”

But the best reaction was from Isaiah, who told his mom, “I like my new car seat!”

Isaiah in his new car seat. (Photo: Courtesy of Khadijah Rice)

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