Mom compares hating kids to racism, sparks debate online

Sure, you might not like kids. But is it ever OK to say you hate them? (Getty Images)

There are people in this world who love kids. And then there are people who…don’t.

But one mom doesn’t think this is OK, likening those who have an aversion to children to expressing open racism. In this mom’s opinion, admitting you don’t like kids is similar to hating a certain race or religious group. Taking to an online forum, the mother said that showing any form of dislike or hate for a certain group of people isn’t acceptable, questioning why people feel the right to say it about children.

“Why is it acceptable to say you hate kids? Prompted by a certain female comedian saying this (whom I love, by the way!), it seems that it is the last taboo. By all means say you are not a child-person, you don’t want kids, etc. But hate them? You wouldn’t be able to say that about any other group of people (and kids are people), so why do people say it about children?” asked the mom.

Feedback from fellow forum users was mixed, with some reminding her that people are allowed to have an opinion.

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“Until it is a criminal offense or classed as a hate crime, people are at liberty to say they hate children if they so wish. I agree in most cases it is a very strong aversion or dislike of, but they can choose the phrase they wish. It’s called free speech which we have in this country,” commented one user.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I can see how people find children irritating but if it wasn’t for children we would die out,” added another.

With opinions varying, others admitted the word “hate” is overused in today’s  society, suggesting those who employ it forget it’s true meaning.

“People hate many things, which I agree is an over use of the word hate, when they mean dislike. People hate cats, dogs, animals, mushrooms, sunshine, wet weather, other people. Why not children?” commented one reader.

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“I think it’s just an expression, it’s fairly likely they don’t actually despise them, just dislike them,” added another.

The forum was divided in its opinions with some asking the difference between hating children and directing that same passion toward different races and religious groups. While most admitted the word hate is often misused, it can absolutely not be compared to racism or other groups.

“Also, children do eventually grow up whereas I don’t know of many people that grow out of being gay or black (for example),” wrote one reader.

Whether you hate or love children, do you agree everyone has the right to express their opinion? Is it comparable to racism?

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